'Catfish' MTV Season 6 Episode 4: Telizza, Shai, and An Abandoned Lot (Watch)

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Tonight is the fourth episode of season 6 of Catfish on MTV. This episode features a woman named Telizza who meets another woman Shai, whom she develops a feeling for. Although Telizza was previously interested in men, she's now considering dating women.

The episode begins with Nev and Max reading an email from Telizza (who is apparently named after pizza).

Telizza was feeling really depressed a few years ago, and Shai randomly started talking to her online. Eventually, Shai helped Telizza get out of her depression.

Telizza tells Nev and Max that she has fallen in love with Shai. The only things Telizza knows about Shai are that: 1) she lives in Kansas City, 2) she lives with her mom, and 3) she appears to be 17.

When the Catfish guys go to see Telizza, they meet her best friend from high school, Antonese. Her best friend is convinced that Shai is a catfish.

Shai says that she's a stripper, but that's hard to believe given her age. She has no family on her Facebook, or any tagged.

Telizza got close to Shai after breaking up with her boyfriend; Shai comforted her during that time.

The conversations between Shai and Telizza online are very much R-rated. Telizza hasn't yet come out to her mom, but she decided she needs to come out to be with Shai.

Check out the clips below:

In a coffee shop, Nev and Max start their research. They can't match any of the pictures of Shai, so they start looking for her phone number.

They find the phone number belongs to someone who is nowhere near Kansas City.

Her Facebook says that she was working at a strip bar/club. When they call up the establishment, the person who answered says that there's nobody who works there named Shai.

The Catfish guys then start looking up Shai's friends.

They notice that Antonese is friends with Shai, leading them to wonder if Antonese is Shai. Telizza says she is sure that Antonese isn't interested in her sexually, but Telizza's family thinks she is.

The guys tell Telizza what they found, and they decide the only option is to call Shai.

After Nev makes the call and leaves a voicemail, Shai calls Telizza and asks what's going on. Shai doesn't want to meet, but she eventually agrees to meet in Kansas City.

Nev, Max, and Telizza head to Kansas City to find Shai, but on their way to the airport, Shai contacts them and tells them that she lied -- she's not in Kansas City.

She says that she is in New York. Max calls Shai to figure out what was going on, and she insists that she really is in New York, but she doesn't seem to know anything about the city.

Shai tells the Catfish team to show up in New York, and she promises she will text them when they arrive.

When they arrive, she texts them saying she's on River and 1st St, which is an abandoned lot. They come across a woman -- not the onein the picture.

The woman, Makeda, is 20. She doesn't strip; she said she made the page to catch her ex-boyfriend cheating.

She says she doesn't have feelings for Telizza, but the guys aren't buying it. She says she felt bad about the situation between Telizza and her ex-boyfriend; later, she didn't know how to get out.

But after being pressed for a while, Makeda admits that she may have feelings for Telizza. And the next day when they meet again, Makeda admits she has feelings for Telizza.

This time, however, we learn that Makeda lives in a shelter, and she suffers from depression.

Six months later, Nev and Max Skype Makeda and Telizza. They're staying together, and they talk everyday. But they are friends -- not in a relationship.

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