Here's What The Ellen Show's Bonus Day of Giveaways Consisted Of

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As we expected by now, The Ellen Show isn't done giving stuff away to their audience.

The host pulled off another bonus day of her 12 Days of Giveaways that is now past the 15 day mark.

Could it go all the way into the new year? Who knows, however, we've got a rundown of what the show gave away today.

The Ellen Show and DeGeneres combined a game of What's In The Box with another bonus day of giveaways and the fans went absolutely nuts after the announcement.

This time DeGeneres went into the audience to meet a particular member named Gabo, who has been super energetic the entire time.

Gabo got a chance to choose a box which held something that all of the audience members would be going home with and he chose the lucky number 2.

Behind number two was a pair of tickets to Lego Land and $600 worth of Legos.

Another audience member Carly, was able to pick another box. She chose box number three which consisted of a $250 Forever 21 gift card. Finally, the third audience member got to pick what's in her pocket.

The prize was a $500 gift card to The Spa on Rodeo.

Did we say finally? Just kidding box number one was also opened and contained a Swagtron Swagboard. You can watch all of the prizes and fan reactions in The Ellen Show video below.

Here's What The Ellen Show's Bonus Day of Giveaways Consisted Of