'90 Day Fiance' Season 5, Episode 11 Recap: A Luis Shocker

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Tonight was the 11th episode of 90 Day Fiance season 5 and while some couples made it down the aisle, other couples weren't looking so happy. Who packed their bags and went home? Find out below.

Luis and Molly

After a truly tense battle, Molly is struggling to move on. When her brother comes over, she confides in him and he validates her. During their conversation, Luis walks in, making Molly tear up.

When Kensley walks in, she comforts her mother. When Molly has a chance to really talk to her brother, she reveals that Luis is having trouble being a father to her kids.

Even though Molly's brother has befriended Luis, he recognizes that not being able to be a father is a major red flag. Molly's not sure what she's going to do.

Later, Olivia comes to comfort her mother. Amazingly, Olivia tells her mother that she needs to consider herself first.

Olivia doesn't think her mother should get married to Luis but she resolves not to tell her mother that. Molly and Luis have a chance to talk behind closed doors. Luis tells her that his brother is coming for him.

Molly goes out for a walk with her mother while Luis packs his bags. At a coffee shop, Molly's mom says she needs to put her daughters first.

Luis leaves when his brother comes for him and Molly comes home to an empty house. But, in a shocking moment, it turns out that Molly had legally married Luis at the end of July and so his visa wouldn't actually expire.

The producers are shocked.

Nicole and Azan

Nicole returns from Morocco and decides she loves Azan and still wants to marry him. Nicole is going out to dinner with her family. When she meets up with them, she tells them about her time in Morocco. Nicole's family think that if Azan can't trust her now, he probably never will.

Azan doesn't seem to be able to let it go that she's cheated on him. Nicole's family talk about how May shouldn't be calling Azan "daddy" considering she's made this mistake once before.

It turns out, Nicole is currently sending Azan some money since he's quit his job already. Nicole's mother wants her to think more about her daughter.

David and Annie

Before filming, David texted the camera crew saying that Annie had walked out on him the night before. Annie was filmed saying that David has been lying to her which frightens her. David and Annie do meet up to talk.

Annie says she's shocked about David's daughter's revelations. David says he told Annie that he wasn't perfect.

David also alludes to Annie's past, which she acknowledges. David gives Annie the choice to return home with him, which he tells her she has to make then and there.

After some time, Annie meets up with David and watches as he cries because he feels he's being punished. Annie says she's in shock. Annie says she loves David and doesn't want to leave him.

Annie wants David to resolve his conflict with Chris. Chris is concerned about having sponsored David when he is willing to pull the plug on the relationship so quickly.

David and Annie talk about what happened between them since Annie feels like she can't trust David quite as much.

Later, Annie and and Nicky go try on dresses for the wedding. A tense moment results, however, when Annie can't pay for her dress and Nikki gets out her credit card.

Josh and Aika

Josh and Aika have decided to have a Vegas wedding. Josh does feel that Aika keeps saying things to hurt him. Meanwhile, Aika wants to have a family so she feels she has to marry Josh.

Josh and Aika meet up with his family. Josh's parents question him given that this will be his third marriage.

Josh doesn't have contact with his kids because his wife took full custody. Aika is filled with emotion hearing about this and cries because of her compassion.

Aika and Josh have decided to get married at a chapel in Vegas. They do wind up making it down the aisle and getting married.

Evelyn and David

David and Evelyn are continuing to plan their wedding. Evelyn's parents helped out and are footing the bill for David's groomsmen to wear tuxedos.

David's friend ponder his decision to move to such a small town. One of his friends, Ricardo, questions whether David is being steamrolled.

The day of the wedding, Evelyn tries on her dress and comes down the steps of her home, causing her mom to shed tears.

At the last minute, Ricardo isn't there with the rings. Later, Ricardo can't produce the keys to David's apartment, making him fear he'll be late.

Meanwhile, Evelyn is thrilled to get ready and head off to the location of their wedding.

Andrei and Elizabeth

Andrei and Elizabeth had a fight about her bachelorette party. Andrei decides to go out with Jen given that she was the one trying to test their relationship.

Andrei meets up with Jen and tells her that he's not trying to confront her but wants to understand the negativity toward him. Jen admits she was trying to test him. Andrei says he wants to get along with Jen.

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