'Married By Mom And Dad' TLC Season 2 Episode 6: There Won't Be A Wedding

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Tonight was the sixth episode of season 2 of TLC's Married By Mom And Dad.


This episode of Married by Mom and Dad begins with Tahnee being told that there won't be a wedding.

Her family failed to find a guy after Steve pulled out, and so now they have nobody. Tahnee is upset -- but not devastated like her family is.

But Tahnee wants to continue looking.

Bethany and Billy

Billy and Bethany are really excited to go on their honeymoon. We find out that the couple consummated their marriage "plenty of times" overnight.

Billy visits Bethany's house, and he reveals that he lives with his parents. Bethany is not happy upon finding this out.

When Bethany's mom asks her about the first night, she seems a bit unsure. And she's not ready to say she loves Billy.

On the drive to Savannah for their honeymoon, there's a lot of making out.

Once they arrive, they have some champagne; Billy wants to say he loves Bethany, but he feels uncomfortable since it's so early. In bed, Billy says it, and Bethany says it back.

Devin and Ursula

We catch up with Devin and Ursula on the beach. The couple has some fun in the water, and they seem to be having fun.

But once they start talking, things get complicated. They can't seem to agree on where to live. Ursula wants to explore, and Devin doesn't.

The couple goes to dinner and Ursula starts to realize how dumb Devin is when he doesn't know what an audiobook is (he also doesn't know what consummation means). And then Ursula says that she's planning to go to Europe for two weeks.

Devin is concerned that he will cheat during that time.

After dinner, the two play "never have I ever." Devin admits that he cheated a lot, and he says he wanted to get married to he wouldn't cheat (what brilliant logic).

He says he had a cheating addiction, which worries Ursula. At the end of the episode, Ursula wonders if she's made a mistake.


Marissa's dad had to leave for work, so her mom is alone. So she goes on the dates with her mom. They meet a guy named Alex at the beach and then go out to eat.

Marissa doesn't seem too impressed. And she's not happy that Alex isn't into coffee. After Alex gives Marissa a few creepy glances, she decides to leave.

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