Wonder Woman Is Now The Highest Grossing Live-Action Film From A Female Director

Wonder Woman debuted earlier this month to very high critical praise and an excellent box office opening, with the strong word of mouth keeping it at the top the following weekend as well.

It may have been dethroned last week by Cars 3, but it has continued to do well both domestically and abroad, with the film just reaching a major milestone.

As of this weekend, Wonder Woman has brought in $318 million domestically and $334.5 million overseas for a cumulative gross of about $652.5 million. This number is fantastic on its own, but it means something very special for director Patty Jenkins.

According to The Wrap, Wonder Woman now holds the title of the highest grossing live-action film from a female director, passing the previous record holder of Mamma Mia that had $609 million cumulative.

There's absolutely no way it'll catch the overall female directed movie record though as that movie is Frozen with $1.27 billion total. However, that one was co-directed by both a female and a male director.

In addition, this weekend saw Wonder Woman pass the trajectory of 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice domestically, as it had brought in $311.3 million through four weekends versus Wonder Woman's $318 per Box Office Mojo.

With how well Wonder Woman is still doing, versus the very top heavy gross of Batman v.

Superman and Suicide Squad, there is little doubt it'll pass the domestic run of both films very soon, as they topped out at $325 million and $336 million respectively.

In fact, it has already surpassed Man of Steel's domestic run entirely as well.

The summer box office season is a very difficult time to maintain strong box office legs due to the number of big releases coming out, but Wonder Woman is still going strong with its $25 million this weekend and likely will be around for awhile longer.

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