'Top Gear' Guys' New Show 'Grand Tour' Is Debuting at 7PM ET

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Quite possibly one of the most anticipated shows of the year -- maybe even the decade -- The Grand Tour will be debuting in a little under 2 hours.

Yes, the Top Gear guys, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May are finally back, and it appears they're better than ever.

Created after Jeremy Clarkson's firing from BBC's Top Gear, The Grand Tour includes Clarkson, Hammond and May, as well as producer Andy Willman and several crew members.

It is filmed all over the world, with the "in-studio" segments being filmed in different cities for every episode.

In fact, the show's "studio" (more of a tent) is shipped all over the world, just for the filming of those segments.

The show will stream on Amazon Prime, which has a special $79 signup offer to celebrate the release. Like Top Gear, it will be available all over the world at the outset.

Many other shows premiere in the U.S. before being distributed in other countries.

The new show was not a minor undertaking. The cost of the show is rumored to be in teh range of $5 to $8 million per episode.

Just the opening alone cost over $3 million, and it included 6 jets, 150 cars, and 2,000 extras -- as well as a circus of acrobats, and stilt-walkers.

The value of just the cars alone was over $25 million. According to The Squander, the new show is one of the most expensive ever made.

It's unclear how different the new show will be from Top Gear.

Although the budget is higher, it appears that there will be many similarities.

Meanwhile, the original Top Gear remains in a state of limbo, with Chris Evans having left, and Matt LeBlanc unclear about what he's going to do going forward.

We'll be watching The Grand Tour as soon as it comes out, and we'll be updating this article with a review (and hopefully some clips).

You will be able to see the show soon, but if you can't wait, you can see a clip here:

Are you as excited as we are about the new show? Let us know.

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