The Book of Boba Fett Review 'Chapter 1: Stranger in a Strange Land'

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The Book of Boba Fett is finally here on Disney+ and the first episode showcased how the character escaped the Sarlacc Pit and more. It appears the show is going to have a slower pace compared to The Mandalorian.

Most of the first episode is about flashbacks as it shows a broken Boba Fett in Tatooine.

Surprisingly, he is able to escape the Sarlacc Pit quite easily by digging up on the sand and using his flamethrower. He wasn't able to use his broken jetpack to fly out.

After he crawls out of the Sarlacc Pitt, he is exhausted and a bunch of Jawas steal his armor.

After lying down for what looks like days in the desert, he is then captured as a prisoner by a group of Tusken Raiders.

When the episode goes back to the present day, Boba Fett is healing inside of a Bacta Tank in Jabba's old palace. He is still accompanied by Fennec Shand who is grateful to Boba Fett for saving her life.

There was not many scenes in the present day apart from Boba Fett visiting a new cantina and getting attacked by a group of assassins.

The assassins were really tough, although Boba Fett was lucky to have Fennec Shand and two Gamorrean bodyguards by his side.

There were no special cameos or big surprises in the first episode, although the action was still a lot of fun.

There is also no overarching storyline at the moment, so we don't know who will be the main villain yet.

Once the present day stuff was over, Boba Fett is back inside the bacta tank to look back at his past.

His time with the Tusken Raiders isn't getting any easier because he cannot escape and he's unable to beat one of them in combat.

The only time he gains the respect from the Tusken Raiders is when he saves a small Tusken child from a huge six-legged lizard creature.

It does not have a name yet, but he reminds me of Goro from Mortal Kombat.

The episode was quite short as it didn't feature the epic action set pieces that the first The Mandalorian episode had back in 2019. Not to mention the first episode was much slower paced compared to The Mandalorian.

That being said, old school fans of Star Wars will still love this first episode because we finally know how Boba Fett survives the Sarlacc Pit. I'm guessing the future episodes will also show more of his mysterious past!

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