Adorable Brielle Talks Her 5th Birthday On The Ellen Show

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It seems like little Brielle is growing up in front of our eyes but hasn't lost a bit of her adorable factor.

The adorable and brilliant Brielle paid another visit to The Ellen Show, where she chatted about her 5th birthday, iFly experience and also her experience with some Sesame Street friends while learning about chemical compounds.

For her 5th birthday, Brielle got to visit the aquarium and told host, Ellen DeGeneres that she wore her birthday crown. The crown actually got a woman to buy her a cake since it was her birthday.

Meanwhile, Brielle said she has been wanting to do iFly for a whole year now and finally got to do so. Brielle said it was so windy in the chamber that it was hard for her to walk out.

She got a little help from the instructor but get this, the present that made her grin from ear-to-ear was Chapstick. Little Brielle had the opportunity to work with Elmo, Cookie Monster and The Count on a recent episode of her EllenTube show.

The Sesame Street pals made Brielle her favorite lemon cake. Brielle said that Cookie Monster is so crazy with his cookies and there was a big pile of crumbs at the end.

Later on in her interview Brielle showed off her knowledge of chemical compounds that will completely stun you. Check out the adorable Brielle in The Ellen Show video below.

Adorable Brielle Talks Her 5th Birthday On The Ellen Show