'Too Close To Home' Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: A Game of Chess

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Tonight was the sixth episode of season 2 of Tyler Perry's Too Close to Home on TLC. This episode begins right after Rebel and Mac find out that their mothers were raped.

Rory had told Rebel that Anna was sleeping around and had him put in jail because she was jealous of him. Rebel doesn't believe Anna -- she still believes what Rory told her.

After Rebel leaves, Anna and Shelby get into a fight -- Shelby blames Anna and Bonnie for leaving her to be raped by Rory. Bonnie tries to calm Shelby down, and she threatens to keep Shelby from Mac.

In the next scene, Bonnie tells Anna to move out -- but Bonnie promises that she won't let Rory rape Rebel.

Bonnie also apologizes about Brody, and she tells Anna that Brody still loves her (Anna). Anna says she thinks Bonnie is wrong.

The sheriff shows up and wants to clean out Jolene's house. Anna and Bonnie talk to Jolene about the cleanup.

The sheriff then brings in Frankie to talk to Jolene; that appears to calm her down. Frankie doesn't want everyone to throw away Jolene's stuff so quickly -- she says that will cause more problems.

Meanwhile, JB is waiting outside his/Brody's dad's house waiting to get his hands on Dax and Victor.

While the dad is asleep, and Brody is out, JB sneaks into the house and takes Victor's medicine. He then looks at Victor, who is also asleep, and says "you're gonna get what's yours."

While JB is in Victor's room, JB/Brody's dad wakes up and catches him. The two start to argue, and we find out that JB is not his child -- JB's mom was sleeping with another guy.

JB convinces Brody's dad to give him access to his medications, and then he tries to convince the dad to take soem pills that would kill him.

Brody walks in before his dad takes the pills and stops him. JB runs out, and Brody doesn't believe his dad that JB had been there.

As Brody leaves, Valerie and Dax arrive, and Valerie tries to get Dax to make up with Victor.

But Victor surreptitiously calls the First Lady and asks her to kill the Senator that Victor was sleeping with. The First Lady agrees after Dax tells her where Anna is.

Victor doesn't want to talk with Dax. Victor thinks that the Senator he had an affair with had solved his immigration issues, and he has no need for Dax anymore.

Valerie returns to Dax; Dax finds out that Victor didn't want to talk, and they get into a fight.

Victor tells Dax that he slept with all of Dax's friends. Dax makes a call and gets Victor's parents kicked out of the country.

Separately, at Nelson's house, Octavia and Frankie talk about Regina's affair. Octavia says that Nelson has "one switch" and if he got mad, he would have killed himself and Regina. Frankie explains that she was cheated on as well.

D shows up and starts trying to flirt with Frankie -- she's not interested. Elm tells Frankie that he knows she's hiding from someone.

Brody then shows up and wants to talk to Elm about Regina. Brody tells Elm to leave Regina alone amd to stay away from Frankie.

Nelson then comes out and wants to get a beer with Elm, but Elm comes up with an excuse.

The episode ends with Rebel running out of the house to see Rory.

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