Animated Super Mario Bros. Movie Is In The Works

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A proper Super Mario Bros. animated movie is currently in the works.

If the movie is made, it could finally break the stigma that all video game movies are bad. Not to mention it could redeem the disastrous live action version that was released back in 1993.

As noted by The Hollywood Reporter, Universal's Illumination Entertainment is close to striking a deal with Nintendo to make this happen.

Illumination Entertainment is the same studio behind the successful and popular Despicable Me franchise. Despite being involved in the deal, the studio refused to make a comment yet.

A new Mario movie could be very profitable. The Nintendo brand is better now than ever thanks to the release of the popular Nintendo Switch console.

Not to mention Super Mario Odyssey just came out and is already being praised to be one of the best games of all time. It has been given perfect scores from a lot of people in the gaming media.

Outside of Pokemon, not many other Nintendo franchises have received an animated movie.

We've seen cartoons being made for TV series, but that's about it. Nintendo gave up on doing live action movies thanks to the very bad 1993 film of Super Mario Bros.

Historically, video game movies have been bad. Not only are they bad, but they don't even get that much money at the Box Office. Sony released an animated movie for Ratchet and Clank last year and that film tanked at the Box Office.

Both critic and audience reception was also not great. Blizzard and Ubisoft also faltered with their live action adaptations of Warcraft and Assassin's Creed respectively.

Hopefully this animated Super Mario Bros. movie gets made so that we can finally see a good video game film.

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