The Flash Season 4 Episode 8 Review: Crisis on Earth-X Part 3

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The second part of the Crisis on Earth-X crossover, which aired in the rescheduled Arrow timeslot, ended with basically everybody but Iris and Felicity being captured.

This episode starts with the events on Earth-X, where the group of heroes have been put in a prison camp.

They introduce how people are in these camps for various reasons, with a seemingly random new guy being introduced that said he was there for "loving the wrong person"

We then see back at Star Labs Cisco finally waking up, with him and the rest of the group trapped in the pipeline, with no real plan to escape.

Iris and Felicity are still free though, with them trying to devise a plan to get everyone free.

Back on Earth-X, a soldier comes into the prison camp, who ends up being the doppelganger of Quentin Lance. He plays a great villain here as he asks Sara why she would align herself with such people with such perfection of blonde hair and blue eyes.

He knows she is the doppelganger of his daughter, who he says also was punished here.

Lance takes them all from the camp, including that random guy mentioned earlier, and go to execute them all and put them in the mass graves.

Just in time though, they are saved by none other than Leonard Snart of Earth-X. This hero on Earth-X goes by Leo and frees everyone from their shackles, including the mysterious guy from earlier we now learn has powers.

He is able to shine bright and shoot energy blasts of some sort.

For those that may not know, he is known as The Ray in the comics and is getting his own animated spin-off similar to the one Vixen got before.

The next scene is one of my favorite scenes of the crossover, as Melissa Benoist gets to play double duty here as both Supergirl and Overgirl.

She does a fantastic job at playing both roles, which included a moment I loved that had Overgirl asking why Supergirl even needs a heart if she isn't going to use it, in which Supergirl responds "at least I have one."

Iris and Felicity try to go into the pipeline to free everybody, but there is a problem with the hydraulic pressure, leaving them trapped for now.

Felicity said she's going to send an SOS to the Legends, but has no idea how long it will take them to get the distress signal. This means it is up to them to save Kara.

The action on Earth-X then goes to the base of the resistance, where it is revealed that the Ray is actually from Earth-1 too. We also learn that Oliver's doppelganger is actually the fuhrer on this Earth, though we never learn how that actually happened.

They show them the only way to escape this Earth, but at this point the doppelganger of Winn from Supergirl shows up at the Freedom Fighter general.

He wants to blow up their only way home as it is their only chance to do so. This leads to the group having to talk him out of it, including Alex.

Going back to the Firestorm story, Stein talks with Jax here and Stein explains how he is taking this hard too, as he sees Jax as a son as well.

He says he is a better son than he could have ever hoped for, seemingly leaving things in good shape between them.

Sara and Alex also have a very touching moment here, where Alex says she is going to go herself to save Kara.

Sara explains how she lost her sister too, giving them a nice bonding scene here.

While we likely won't see these two interact beyond the crossover, having them together here a lot was one of my favorite parts of the crossover.

In the comics, The Ray is one of the few gay superheroes and on Earth-X, it is revealed that him and Leo Snart are in love with one another. This was also a nice touch since Wentworth Miller is gay in real life, giving him the chance to play that on camera for the first time in the Arrowverse.

They talk to the general and get him to agree to give them one hour to try and get into the facility.

However, the problem here is that the facility has power dampeners throughout it, which means they have to come up with a plan.

When Thawne is about to do the surgery on Kara to get her heart out, she threatens that her cousin will find out about this and find him. Interestingly enough, he reveals that he fought her cousin in the future and that while he was fast, he was even faster.

Just in time to save Kara, Felicity is able to cut the power to the facility from within Thawne's Time Vault.

When Thawne and Dark Arrow go to try and figure this out, Iris and Felicity go to try and save Kara, but as they try to enter an elevator, Metallo comes out blasting Kara, with them all now being captured.

On Earth-X, the resistance comes up with the plan to send in Oliver to pretend to be the fuhrer to get into the facility to down off the power dampeners.

Lance asks him about if he wants to delay their plans, where we learn they have a Nazi Waverider, which he said to keep on schedule.

Lance tests Oliver here though to see if it's really the fuhrer by bringing in the Earth-X version of Felicity, who he happened to find.

He gives him a gun to kill her, but Oliver turns it on Lance, where it is revealed it wasn't even loaded.

Lance knew it wasn't really him, leading to a fight sequence here, but Oliver is able to turn off the power dampener, allowing Barry to show up.

With Iris and Felicity now captured, Thawne reveals that Felicity has encrypted the power with a code.

He threatened her life in a very tense moment, but Kara tells her to give him the password because it's not worth her life. She gives him the code, bringing the power back on.

Back on Earth-X, Snart and Ray show up and bring Oliver his suit and a bow, with them coming up with a plan.

Barry has a funny moment where he explains how Earth-1 Snart never really had a true plan, which Earth-X's version just can't understand.

At this point, the resistance sent their missile earlier than planned, which turns out to be a new version of Red Tornado that we previously saw on Supergirl in the first season.

This leads to a long fight sequence at the facility with all of the heroes, while Barry and the Ray try to stop Red Tornado.

Firestorm realizes they have to separate here to get two tasks done, but Stein ends up being shot in the crossfire, with the episode ending as he falls to the ground and not looking good at all.

The Flash portion of Crisis on Earth-X kicked off the second night of the event in great fashion with a very action oriented episode that gave us our first long look at Earth-X. Once again, each of the heroes got their time to shine here, with the cliffhanger leading directly into the fourth and final part in DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

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