The New Spawn Movie Could Be 'Low Budget'

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The words 'low budget' are never a good sign because it usually means the quality is poor. Well these are the exact words that have been described about the new Spawn movie as said by the film's producer.

Spawn's producer, Jason Blum, was interviewed recently by Collider and he described the film to be different than a lot of the other superhero/comic book films out there.

However, the good news is that it will draw inspiration from the comic books since creator Todd McFarlane is involved. You can read his comments down below.

This Spawn movie is a kind of superhero movie, but a very different kind of feeling superhero movie. I like the idea of low-budget superhero movies. It's cool. Yeah, for sure. Todd [McFarlane] is doing it. He's directing it, which is very cool, so we definitely will

The first Spawn movie was a low budget affair that came out way back in 1997. It was a Box Office bomb and many fans hated it.

Hopefully this new film is more in line with Deadpool.

Deadpool didn't cost a lot of money, yet it was still entertaining and had a lot of action. Not to mention the R rating could also help Spawn feel different from the efforts made by both Marvel and DC.

It's the perfect time to release a new Spawn movie since the superhero/comic book genre is still making a lot of money at the Box Office.

There's still no release date for the film, but it should be out sometime in the near future. They still need to find an actor to portray the title character and more.

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