Howard Stern Remembers Crackhead Bob

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The Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show crew remembered the life of George Harvery, a.k.a Crackhead Bob, a Stern Show Wack Packer dead at the age of 56.

The details surrounding his death are still unclear but the show did pay tribute to Crackhead Bob.

"Howard said they found out from his sister that he died last week. He said the reason is unknown right now," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard said they're doing an autopsy. Howard said his sister thinks that it was just the toll from everything he did to himself that finally got him."

Stern reminisced about the first time they heard about Crackhead Bob and played a series of clips in his memory as he did for other Wack Packers who have passed, most recently, Riley Martin.

Stern revealed that Bob's speech impediment was from multiple strokes that he had due to the damage done by drug use.

"Howard said that Bob loved the show. Howard said Bob had tattoos of the K-Rock logo and the E! logo," according to MF.

"He said he had a bad Private Parts tattoo and portraits of him Robin and Fred on his arm too. Howard said Bob was a huge champion of the show."

High Pitch Eric also called in to send his condolences and also seemed to be in shock after another member of the Wack Pack has passed on.

Stern said his farewell to Crackhead Bob, who he says is survived by his ex-wife and two kids.

Clips of Crackhead Bob from Howard Stern's SiriusXM Show

Photo courtesy of Stern Show Twitter.