DC Universe Releases First Trailer For Gritty Titans Series

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The DC Universe streaming service is set to launch sometime this Fall as the go-to service for everything related to DC Comics.

It was previously announced that the live action Titans series would be launching alongside the service's release and now we have our first trailer for it.

Titans is the latest telling of the Teen Titans series of comics, though this time the show is taking a much darker approach than you usually think of when it comes to the characters.

With an entire generation growing up with the Teen Titans animated series and now Teen Titans Go, many may be more used to a more comedic and light Teen Titans, but there comics definitely have their very dark moments as well.

This version of Titans stars Dick Grayson, aka Robin, along with Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy.

In this version though, these characters range in age and definitely are not all teens.

Hawk and Dove can also be seen in the trailer, as they will be recurring, with confirmations that both Jason Todd and Wonder Girl will be showing up sometime later in the season as well.

Since the release of this trailer though, there has been some controversy concerning one specific topic, Dick not only saying "F*** Batman" outright, but also appearing to kill multiple characters.

While this could be a dream sequence like we saw in other parts of the trailer, many are very angry that they are making Dick a killer, especially with his mentor Batman being so against it.

Personally, I really enjoyed the trailer for Titans and am looking forward to the series when it eventually launches in the next few months.

This is only the start of the live action projects set to be coming to DC Universe, so hopefully this one turns out well.

Make sure to check out the trailer for Titans below to see what you think of it for yourself.


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