'Too Close To Home' Season 2 Episode 8: A Shocking Finale Leaves Serious Questions

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Tonight was the final episode for season 2 of Tyler Perry's Too Close to Home on TLC.

This episode begins with Shelby, Bonnie, and Annie fighting with Jolene. Shelby tells Jolene "what you stole from me I can't get back." Bonnie tries to restrain her; Shelby tells Jolene that Bonnie is killing her slowly.

Shelby says that Bonnie wants Jolene dead for what she did to them.

Bonnie tries to deny, but when Jolene says she was a good mother, Shelby says that Jolene did "whatever you had to do" to earn money. She then shows her a dress and the quarter from last episode.

Jolene doesn't remember the dress, and Shelby becomes angry, saying "you sold me to him." Shelby says that Jolene sold her to Eli, and she got the quarter. Annie backs up Shelby, and tells Jolene to admit it.

But Jolene doesn't admit it, making Anna and Bonnie angry. Bonnie admits that she's slowly killing Jolene.

Bonnie says Jolene sold the sisters so that she could drink and get high. She says she won't forgive Jolene. Annie spits on Jolene and leaves. Shelby throws the dress at Jolene, and the two leave.

Outside Jolene's trailer, Bonnie tries to comfort Shelby. Annie tries to talk to Shelby, but she tells her to go away. Annie says that she knows what happens and she's sorry that she couldn't protect Shelby.

Anna says that she went to the Sheriff and Dr. Allen but it was too late. The three sisters all end up apologizing to each other.

The Sheriff comes over and hears Jolene screaming. He tells Frankie to go and talk to Jolene; she agrees. Frankie starts to calm her down. She gets Jolene to apologize for not being a good mother.

Frankie gets the Sheriff and his team to carry Jolene outside. Jolene feels the sunlight, and she thanks Frankie; she then agrees to move forward with the cleanup.

Elm and Tina enter Jolene's room and make up with each other. When Tina comes out and sees Shelby, she smells Regina's perfume and thinks that Shelby was sleeping with Elm.

She starts fighting with Shelby. Shelby says that the perfume is Regina's. Nelson explodes and leaves.

Back in the White House, the president is scheduling a live news interview to prove that he's okay. The president assures his staff member that Katelynn will support his claims.

Katelynn enters the room and the president asks her to corroborate his story.

The president says that Katelynn needs to do that, but she asks what is in it for her. Eventually, she says that she will be "presidential and do what's best for the nation."

In the interview, the reporter asks questions of Katelynn and she says that she was there and the door was open; however, she tells the reporter that the president was having an affair. She tells the reporter everything.

She continues, saying that the president is a liar. The president tries to say that Katelynn has a drinking problem, but she stops him.

The president tells his staff to activate the "pelican" -- which we heard about last week.

In Brody's house, Victor taunts Dax. Eventually, Brody gets annoyed and says he's leaving to find an ambulance to get them out. Dax and Victor continue taunting each other; eventually, Dax leaves the room.

Outside, Brody finds his dad, who was talking to JB, before he left to hide. Brody again doesn't believe that his dad was actually talking to JB. After Brody leaves, JB returns and tries to get the dad to sign a document by saying it is a report card. But the dad figures out that it's actually the mortgage, so JB manhandles him, and suffocates him until he passes out -- we don't yet know if he's dead.

Back in the trailer park, Bonnie finds out that Rebel went with Eli -- she finds Rebel on the street; Eli had tried to rape her.

Eli drives up taunts Bonnie and Rebel. Bonnie gets back in the car and guns the accelerator.

Annie gets a call from the secret service agent (Larry), who gets her to come outside -- and then the president shows up.

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