Randy Orton Wants John Cena At WrestleMania 36

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A few months ago Randy Oron let the world know that he'd love to face The Rock at next year's WrestleMania 36 event. While The Rock is likely unavailable to wrestle, it seems Orton now has a new opponent in mind.

Randy Orton has now announced on his official Instagram page that he wants to face John Cena now at WrestleMania 36. You can read what he had to say posted down below.

"I’m on a flight to London and see this striking young man asking me a question. Why yes @johncena I am up for a challenge, are you? Let’s say ohhhh I dunno, #Wrestlemania36 maybe? Or does Hollywood have you booked solid? #WM36."

John Cena's availability to wrestle next year is questionable as well. Much like The Rock, Cena might not be allowed to wrestle as people in Hollywood usually don't like to see their actors get injured during filming.

Orton just signed a new WWE contract that lasts for another five years so there's no shortage of opponents for him to face in the near future.

If The Rock and John Cena aren't available, Orton will just have to face someone else instead.

No official matches have been announced for WrestleMania 36 yet. That said, one match that could happen is Brock Lesnar vs Tyson Fury. Tyson Fury wants the match to happen!

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