Colleen Ballinger Takes Over 'The View', Dishes On Creation Of Miranda Sings

Thursday morning's episode of "The View" featured a very special guest by the name of Colleen Ballinger: YouTube sensation, talented singer, and alter ego of her alter ego, Miranda Sings.

Ballinger appeared on "The View" alongside co-guest host Michelle Williams. Whoopi Goldberg was at home resting her back, and Rosie Perez was rehearsing her Broadway show, so Rosie O'Donnell and Nicole Wallace lead the conversation.

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To kick it off, O'Donnell asked Ballinger about how Miranda Sings came about.

"I went to school with a bunch vocal performance majors," Ballinger said. That was almost enough said, but she went on to explain how many girls in her class were cocky and rude to her.

Miranda Sings is basically an incarnation of the nasty, untalented b****es she dealt with.

Something we can all relate to. "I put whatever I hate into the character, and I can get out all of that aggression," she told the panel.

"And where are they now?" Michelle Williams asked. Ballinger didn't know, but O'Donnell said they're definitely not reaching over a million views on YouTube.

Ballinger also contributed insightful points to conversations about the New England Patriot's deflated balls.

This isn't the first time Ballinger has appeared alongside comedy royalty. Acting as her wacky character, Miranda Sings, she performed in an episode of "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee" with the one and only Jerry Seinfeld.

Currently, Ballinger is on tour as Miranda. Her next performance is in Las Vegas, NV on January 24, 2015, and she will continue her tour through California, Florida, Australia, Amsterdam, and ending in Stockholm, Sweden in July. You can purchase tickets here.

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