Brother Husbands' Jeremy Johnston: All About Amanda Liston's Other Husband

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Jeremy Johnston is the second husband of Brother Husbands' Amanda Liston. Who is he?

The new TLC show, Brother Husbands stars Amanda Liston, Chad Ferris, and Jeremy Johnston -- three young millennial who are in a polyamorous married relationship.

The show follows the triplet, as well as their combined 5 children, in their daily lives.

This is not the first reality show for them; Ferris and Liston were married on MTV's Underage and Engaged in 2007, and Liston was later TBS' King of the Nerds.

Ferris discussed the show, and noted that he and Johnston aren't really brother husbands -- they're mostly like co-husbands (it's not clear how both got married like that in California) because they each have their own relationships with Liston.

Brother Husbands' Jeremy Johnston

Jeremy Johnston married Amanda Liston several years after Chad Ferris did. According to Ferris, Johnston is not gay or bi-sexual; however Ferris is bisexual.

Johnston has an entirely separate relationship from the one between Ferris and Liston. It appears that the question of sexuality comes up a lot, as Ferris explained to Starcasm:

Being confused about our family and sexuality is natural. I enjoy the conversation you are having and I hope this show can spark many many more. And challenge everyone traditional views of marriage, family, sex and sexuality.

It appears that Johnston and Liston were married relatively recently, since she refers to her "husband" (singular) in a 2015 interview.

Jeremy Johnston is the father of 3 children with Amanda Liston. It's unclear how the family determined that Johnston was the father instead of Ferris. According to Ferris, that will be revealed during the special.

Johnston was a Bernie Sanders fan and doesn't like Hillary Clinton that much. Liston and Johnston appear to like her more.

The family does a lot of things together, including most of the cosplay and Comic-Con activities. According to an interview from 2015, Amanda Liston wants to encourage her kids to be part of the nerd culture.

Amanda Liston, meanwhile, is very much a typical millennial. In between Tweeting and Ubering, Liston supports the family as a book blogger, cosplayer, and clothing maker.

Liston, Chad Ferris, and Jeremy Johnston enjoy going to Comic-Con together. They also enjoy sci-fi books and movies.

What happens with the family? We'll find out tonight on TLC.

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