Spider-Man 3 Editor's Cut Added And Then Quickly Removed From Amazon

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Spider-Man: Homecoming is only a little over a month away from release as the start of the third series of movies following his appearance in last year's Captain America: Civil War.

Spider-Man first hit the big screen though under the direction of Sam Raimi in a trilogy of films, with an interesting version of the third movie popping up on Amazon and then quickly disappearing.

The first two Spider-Man films were very critically acclaimed, with some still regarding Spider-Man 2 as the best comic book film to date.

However, the third movie ended that positivity streak with disappointed fans due to the movie feeling too jam packed with content and who can forget emo Peter.

We already saw Spider-Man 2 get a little bit of an editor's cut under the name Spider-Man 2.1 years ago, and completely out of the blue came a listing for a Spider-Man 3.1 as part of a Japanese collection and a listing in the US at Walmart and Best Buy for a Spider-man: Origins Collection Blu-ray set that mentioned a Spider-Man 3.1 as well.

This seemed to pretty much confirm some sort of Spider-Man 3.1 would be coming when that collection releases this summer, but all of a sudden yesterday a Spider-Man 3 Editor's Cut digital version went live on Amazon.

However, the Spider-Man 3 Editor's Cut has already been removed from Amazon, seemingly going up earlier than it was supposed to.

In the time it was up though, one person on Reddit purchased the movie and got a chance to watch it and discuss the differences.

Some of the changes are rather minor, while others involve scenes being moved around.

It doesn't sound like this editor's cut will make the movie a masterpiece, but it has made some changes that should help, such as removing the butler scene with Harry that has been long discussed as one of the worst parts of the movie.

At a result of this early leak, we know the Spider-Man 3.1, or Spider-man 3 Editor's Cut, exists. The question now is when it will be released officially.

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