Injustice: Gods Among Us Animated Movie In The Works

Warner Bros and NetherRealm Studios released the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game back in 2013 and it was such a huge hit. Now the popular video game will be getting its own DC animated movie.

The official announcement for the movie came with the reveal of Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two. If you buy the Blu-ray of the film, you will be treated to a sneak peek look at the animated Injustice movie.

Injustice has a pretty dark storyline as it starts off with Joker killing a pregnant Lois Lane. Superman becomes evil due to this tragedy and all of the DC characters have to team up to try and stop him.

An evil Superman was proposed by Zack Snyder as he could have featured in future Justice League movies. This was already explored in the Snyder Cut of Justice League.

Sadly though, it looks like Warner Bros isn't interested in any cool ideas at the moment. The Injustice animated movie is the only way we can see an evil Superman in a film.

Since the video game has lots of battles, it's possible the animated movie might have to be truncated to fit a film length. Hopefully the animated movie does not stray too far away from the original game's story.

We should know more details about the aforementioned Injustice movie somertime later this year.

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