Sneak Peek At The New Marvel Spider-Man Animated Series

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Marvel Entertainment is set to release yet another new Spider-Man animated series later this year.

The cartoon will air on Disney XD this Summer and a short preview has been released for fans to see what this animated series has to offer.

In this new clip, Peter Parker has yet to acquire his main Spider-Man suit as he is forced to fight in his budget homemade suit.

We can tell the new cartoon is heavily inspired by Spider-Man: Homecoming because the homemade suit looks similar. The series will start off with Peter Parker still being a novice when it comes to being a superhero.

Even though Peter Parker might be a novice, the villain Scorpion seems to know what he is doing. This short clip shows a small scuffle between the two characters.

I must say, the design for the Scorpion character looks awesome. Hopefully Marvel and/or Sony considers Scorpion to appear in one of the live action movies one day.

The only gripe fans have about the new series so far is that the animation looks a bit choppy.

There is room for improvement in the animation so hopefully things improve in the later episodes. It's worth mentioning Peter Parker is only 15 years old in this new series so we'll get to see him in high school yet again.

It will be interesting to see how fans will rank this new series.

The two best Spider-Man series have been Spectacular Spider-Man and the series that aired in the '90s. Ultimate Spider-Man was the most recent cartoon outing, although some people didn't like the direction of that series.

You can watch the new series this Summer on the Disney XD channel.

Hopefully the series is able to retain the character's iconic humor and can stay true to the original comic books. You can watch the short preview of the series below.

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