Supergirl Season 3 Episode 15 Recap/Review: ‘In Search Of Lost Time’

Supergirl came back last week on The CW, but the episode was kind of disappointing because it was all about the side character of Winn.

Well thankfully this week’s episode is much better by focusing more on the main characters and developing them further.

The best story arc this week involves Samantha and how she’s being kept safe by Lena Luthor.

Samantha refuses to be held like a prisoner as she does not believe that her blackouts cause her to be the destructive being named Reign.

Well Lena Luthor shows her some tough love by not letting her out of her own hospital bed and even purposely makes Samantha angry so she becomes Reign.

Thankfully, the cell is able to contain Reign and Lena Luthor video records evidence of her transformation.

When Samantha sees the video evidence of her transformation, she finally believes Lena Luthor is telling her the truth.

I really liked Lena Luthor in this episode because she really cares about Samantha and really wants to help her out even though she knows she can be dangerous as Reign.

I liked the way Lena Luthor chooses to keep Samantha’s alter ego a secret because she knows the DEO or any other organization won’t be so kind to her.

As for Samantha, I have a feeling her powers are going to explode and Lena Luthor’s tiny cell might not be strong enough to contain her for very long...

The main story of this week’s episode was also interesting because Mon El was trying to teach Supergirl how to use her cape more effectively in combat.

In the future, Mon El finds a way to make the cape more like a weapon rather than just a piece of ordinary cloth.

I’ve watched a lot of Superman/Supergirl TV shows and movies, yet I’ve never seen the cape being used as a helpful tool in combat.

It’s great to see the Supergirl TV show trying something new that may not have been seen before by casual viewers like myself.

However, the main issue this week involves J’onn J’onzz’s mentally ill father named M'yrnn. M’rynn is still having problems with Alzheimer’s and this is causing him to have a psychic mental breakdown.

When a Green Martian has a mental breakdown, this is dangerous because their mind causes people around them to lose control of themselves and get angry.

We see this when Winn gets angry with a co-worker and they physically get into a fight.

While Mon El is protected by the mental attack, Supergirl also gets angry at Mon El and punches him really hard. She even tells Mon El the mistakes he made in the past season and how it really annoyed her.

The arguments Supergirl had towards Mon El were harsh, but it was interesting to watch.

Supergirl told the truth that it even made Mon El cry. Despite the mental outrage, J’onn J’onzz has to save the day by calming his father down.

This is easier said than done because the end of the episode has a thrilling fight scene. The whole DEO is in chaos thanks to M’yrnn’s mental breakdown that some alien prisoners manage to escape their cells.

Supergirl uses a mental blocker and she and Mon El team up for a cool fight sequence against the bad guys.

The action here made up for the boring conclusion we got from last week’s episode. Not to mention it was cool to finally see Mon El wear his own superhero outfit for the very first time.

Thankfully, J’onn J’onzz manages to calm his father down and the chaos inside the DEO stops. M’yrnn comes to his senses and makes a formal apology to everyone for his uncontrollable mental breakdowns in a touching moment.

The episode ends with Supergirl and Mon El flying away with evidence that the third Worldkiller named Pestilence is on the way very soon.

They need to find this person before Reign and Purity get to her first or else the Earth is doomed!

Anyway, this week’s episode was excellent because it featured a lot of character development and ended with a cool action sequence inside the DEO. Hopefully the rest of season 3 is like this week’s episode.

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