Supergirl Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Kara and J'onn Go To Mars

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Mars is an important planet for J'onn as that is where he comes from. That said, most of the Green Martians were murdered.

J'onn now travels to Mars again thanks to a message he received from M'gann. What could be the danger on Mars?

Bear in mind, this review will talk about some spoilers for this week's episode. Look away if you have not seen the episode yet. Anyway, some big revelations were revealed this week about the Green Martians.

First of all, Kara is the only one that is able to join J'onn on Mars for this personal mission. Everyone else has to stay on Earth since they cannot breathe on other planets.

The biggest thing to come from this episode is that J'onn is not alone.

M'gann called him to tell him that his father named M'yrnn is still alive. He has been imprisoned for 200 years and does not even know that his own son survived the initial White Martian attacks.

M'gann is part of a good group of resistance fighters and they need M'yrnn's help.

M'yrnn is the only one that knows the location of something powerful called the "Staff of Kolar". The resistance fighters want it before the more evil White Martians get their hands on it.

While I like the fact that this episode featured more of the backstory behind J'onn, I'm a little disappointed that the episode felt a little claustrophobic.

The set on Mars looked dark and dingy and there weren't that many action sequences this week apart from at the end. It also seemed to have a slow pace.

M'rynn takes a long time until he trusts J'onn as his real son. At first he thinks it's a White Martian pretending to be his son.

To cut a long story short, M'rynn helps the good guys locate the powerful staff.

The end fighting sequence is quite humorous as Britney Spears was playing in the background for some reason. The good guys prevail and now J'onn is fully reunited with his father.

The subplot of this episode features a wedding shower for Maggie and Alex. The main conflict of the subplot has to do with Maggie's conservative Dad.

Maggie is Mexican and her Dad does not approve of her being a lesbian. Her Dad said he tried many years to fit in with the "white boys" and does not want to see his own daughter get criticized.

I admire Supergirl introducing us to modern social issues, although I do think the drama seemed out of place with what was going on with J'onn and Kara on Mars.

I feel they should have integrated this subplot in another episode as it didn't really fit here. It was almost as if the subplot was a distraction to what was happening on Mars.

Supergirl season 3 episode 3 'Far from the Tree' was the weakest episode of the season so far.

It wasn't a bad episode, but it wasn't as exciting as the previous episodes. Hopefully the episodes to come feature more compelling storylines and leaves the dramatic subplots to a minimum.

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