'Long Lost Family' TLC Season 2 Episode 1 - Susan and Tammy

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Today was the first episode of the season of TLC's Long Lost Family. This season Chris and Lisa go on another journey finding new families looking for closure.

Long Lost Family - Tammy

Tammy got pregnant in 11th grade, and her boyfriend left her after she got pregnant. Tammy hid her pregnancy because she didn't want to give the baby up for adoption.

Tammy's mom decided to give the baby up for adoption. Tammy was very upset about that. Now, Tammy's mother regrets her decision.

Lisa is able to find Tammy's son T.J. quickly. T.J. was in a family of all adopted children, and he was happy with his life. But he did want to see his real mother. He reads Tammy's letter and finds out that he has brothers.

T.J. writes a letter back to his mother. He is happy to meet her and build a relationship -- and he tells her he loves her.

Tammy and T.J. meet and give each other a big hug. He is happy that his mother didn't want to give him away.

And he loves her. Tammy also brought her other sons, so T.J. can meet his brothers.

Long Lost Family - Susan

Susan was adopted -- and her adoptive parents were very mean to her. At 14, she found out that she was adopted, and at 16, she got pregnant. She placed her daughter up for adoption.

Her adoptive mother believed that Susan had the baby for spite -- because the adoptive mother couldn't get pregnant.

The adoptive mother wanted to have Susan sign over custody of the baby her. But Susan thought the baby would be better off with someone else.

Susan has been searching for her birth mom for decades -- when her adoptive mother died, she burned the adoption papers, so Susan wasn't able to find out anything.

Chris gets Susan's DNA and manages to find a match. Both Susan and her mother Phillys had taken the DNA test within days of each other.

Phyllis was 17 when she got pregnant. She never had a plan to keep the baby. A social worker came and took the baby.

Unfortunately, however, Susan's daughter doesn't want to meet her. She writes a text message thanking her for the gift of life, but says that she's very happy with her adoptive parents, and she has no interest in learning about Susan.

Susan has a tearful reunion with Phyllis, and Phyllis tells Susan that she thought about her all these years. Susan understands because of her history. Phyllis hugs Susan and tells her that she loves her.