'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' TLC Season 4 Episode 1 Recap: A Giant Surprise

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Tonight was the first episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 4. After a bunch of cliffhangers at the end of last season, and some serious teasers about pregnancy and more for this season, Whitney Way Thore is back.

This episode starts with Whitney's announcing that she is now a homeowner. She bought the house that she was renting, and she's extremely happy about being able to make the space her own.

Because she didn't have the money, Whitney's parents cosigned the loan for her, and she has Buddy continuing to stay as a renter. Buddy is not happy about the changes Whitney is making to her house, and that's creating tension.

Whitney Way Thore Dates Again?

Big Girl Dancing is going well, and after a good day at the studio, Whitney Way Thore thinks about dating again. She and Tal decide to redo their dating profiles.

Separately, the relationship between Will and Whitney is going well. She has worked hard to regain Will's trust after he fired her.

And even though she is not feeling so great, she puts in her 100%. But during the training session, she starts feeling really strange and nauseated.

During the workout she starts vomiting. At first, Will is concerned that she has developed another eating disorder.

But he sends her home to go to see someone.

At home, Whitney asks Buddy to sign a lease saying that he will stay for a year. But even though he committed to that earlier, he now refuses to sign the lease.

Later Whitney returns to Kiss 95.1 to be on the radio -- she's hoping to get some work.

She finds out that Roy is dating someone, and she's a bit upset because he has been sending messages that seemed to lead her on. She lands a part-time gig potentially filling in for Lauren, who is pregnant.

WTF is Whitney Way Thore Doing Naked With Donna?

Whitney Way Thore's parents decide to come over, and they end up walking in on Whitney naked, being given a rub by Donna. That makes Whitney's mom think that Whitney might be gay.

Whitney's parents tell her that they would rather her sleep with a guy than do whatever she did with Donna. They get into an argument about boundaries. With this issue, she decides to go back to Buddy and ask him to sign a lease.

Tension erupts, and Buddy refuses. He thinks their friendship is falling apart. Whitney puts her foot down and says he has to sign a lease or leave.

Separately, Whitney admits to her friends that she has been hooking up with Lenny since the breakup.

While discussing the bases with her friends, Whitney gets really nauseated and starts vomiting. She decides to take a pregnancy test, even though due to her condition she rarely ovulates and hasn't had a period in a long time.

With all of the pregnancy talk, she takes the test. There are two lines -- which indicates that she is pregnant. The episode ends there -- it looks like we were probably wrong with our prediction.

We'll have to see what happens next time -- the teasers show her discussing pregnancy, but she's also doing dance offs and weight training, which she shouldn't be doing while pregnant.

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