9 Moments Leading To Jon Bellion's 'Beautiful Mind Tour,' New Single & Video Releases Tomorrow

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Jon Bellion's "The Beautiful Mind" tour kicks off in October and the artist announced yesterday that he will have a new single "Carry Your Throne," and music video for fans on Thursday September 11. See the gallery below.

The tour will begin just after the release of "The Definition" which is set for September 23 and Bellion has been giving fans a taste of what they can expect from both the tour and album weekly for the past month or so.

Yesterday he let fans know that he would be releasing a new song which is accompanied by a music video this on Thursday and the fans are quite eager to have their minds blown once again.

"Carry Your Throne" is the fourth new song we've heard from Bellion as he released "Luxury," "Simple and Sweet," and "Munny Right" from which all were welcomed by fans with open arms.

Bellion has also tweeted a few screen shots from the music video but before that he took to Twitter saying, "I Will Be Releasing The Greatest/Most Important New Record/Video Of My Career On Thursday." He added to the buzz of the release by saying, "I Honestly Don't Have Time Or Enough Fake Humility In My Body To Pretend That It's Not Literally The Epitome Of Dopeness.

On Every Level."

After his career continues to take flight from stemming from his musical talents as well as his writing credits on "Monster," by Eminem and Rihanna, Bellion has been hard at work trying to bring great music to his fans and Empty Lighthouse has highlighted some of his greatest moments leading up to "The Beautiful Mind" tour.

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