Shia LaBeouf Returns To Twitter: Fans Continue To Show Support Despite Puzzling Tweets

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After a slight absence from Shia LaBeouf on his Twitter account, he returned on Christmas day with some more puzzling tweets for his fans who continue to show their supports despite the mystery behind his tweets.

LaBeouf returned with the tweet above which continues the the series of strange phrases, or pieces of phrases at least that he has been sending out.

At first it was his running stats for the day and then his Twitter feed turned into one of the biggest puzzles possible.

He has has a pretty rough year after being arrested for disruptive behavior during a Broadway performance of "Cabaret."

Despite his strange tweets or maybe method of tweets, fans are still showing their support for LaBeouf and sending him a lot of well wishes.

LaBeouf is arguably one of the great young talents in Hollywood and had a huge blockbuster run with the "Transformers" film series. Check out some of his fans supportive messages below.

Photo Courtesy of Nick Genin