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Who is Dong Jingwei? Rumors Swirl Regarding Defector Links to Wuhan

The Daily Beast is reporting today that top level U.S. officials are rumored to have helped a man named Dong Jingwei defect from China in February.  Dong (the family name is often first in China) is believed to have held a top office in the "Ministry of State Security", where he would have had access to information about the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Kamala Harris is Hot

Kamala Harris is just plain cool, and she's smart and she's hot.  There, I said it.

Harris is a US Senator from California (succeeding Barbara Boxer), was the Attorney General of California, went to Howard University and got her law degree from Hastings.  Is that not hot?

Washington Post - Trump’s plan to take over Fourth of July celebration opposed by D.C. mayor

By Peter Jamison and Peter Hermann

May 16 at 5:33 PM

D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) said she opposes President Trump’s plan to put himself at the center of a redesigned Fourth of July celebration in the nation’s capital, expressing concerns about what could be major logistical changes and the resulting strain on police and emergency services.