Review: Aquaman Makes A Decent Splash

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Historically, the DCEU series of movies have been inconsistent from a quality standpoint. While Wonder Woman was the most well received movie of the bunch, the rest of their portfolio hasn't really lit the whole world on fire.

I was one of the very few people that actually liked Man of Steel and it's still one of my favorite DC movies of all time. Wonder Woman as aforementioned is also great when it came out last year.

As for Justice League, Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, those movies are arguably all bad.

I was most disappointed in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice the most as it was far more boring than I thought it would be.

That being said, where does Aquaman fit on the scale you might add? Thankfully, Aquaman is categorized with the solo movies as I feel it could be my second favorite DCEU movie of all time just behind or on par with Wonder Woman.

You can tell there's a pattern here because all of the well received DCEU films have been solo movies.

If DC and Warner Bros didn't rush their team up movies, then their portfolio could have been much better than it already is.

As for the reasons why Aquaman is a good movie, there are many things to like about the film. For one thing, the movie is one of the prettiest ones you will see all year long.

The underwater CGI battles are breathtaking and one location in Italy is very bright and colorful.

If you plan on watching this movie, I suggest you go to an IMAX theater because it will feel like you're inside of an actual aquarium.

The movie has a lot of action scenes as well as I was never bored in its 2 hours and 20 minute duration.

The movie is nicely paced because it switches between the present day and the past telling us how Aquaman grew up being both half-human and half-Atlantean.

As for the acting, most of the cast is brilliant in their roles.

Jason Momoa absolutely kills it as the title character while Amber Heard is pretty and likable playing as Mera. My favorite actor in the entire film though is New Zealand actor Temuera Morrison who plays the father of Aquaman.

One of the things I found disappointing though is that Nicole Kidman isn't in the movie for very long. I don't want to spoil anything, but I was hoping her role would have been more substantial.

The story is unoriginal, although that does not mean that the movie's plot is bad.

It's basically Patrick Wilson's character named Orm/Ocean Master that wants to rule Atlantis and declare war on humans. Aquaman has to claim the throne and make sure everyone else is peaceful.

The plot is similar to other comic book movies such as Black Panther and Thor, but the movie is still enjoyable.

I'm glad the film isn't a 100% origin story because origin stories have been done to death in the comic book movie genre!

A certain flaw I can say about the movie is that the ending is too CGI heavy.

It's similar to Wonder Woman and Batman v Superman where the final battle is a huge CGI mess towards the end. It's not too bad here in Aquaman, but I would have preferred a smaller scale battle instead.

Despite that, I still had a great time watching Aquaman and I want to see it again.

The visuals and cast is great, and it's got a lot of action. It may not be an entirely original movie, but Aquaman is still worth watching this Christmas season.

Verdict: 4/5 stars

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