'Too Close To Home' TLC Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: Mercury

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Tonight was the seventh episode for Tyler Perry's Too Close to Home on TLC.

This episode begins in Washington, D.C. where the President is in a press conference.

The press is asking him all kinds of questions about his heart attack and Anna.

The journalists question the President about why Anna was in his office so late at night, but he deflects those questions. They also ask about whether he was having sex when the heart attack happened.

After the press conference, the President, the first lady and the secretary return to the Oval Office.

The President says that he knows someone is leaking information about what happened. The first lady tells the President that she told the press what happened.

Back in Happy, Rebel and Mac are arguing about her spending time with Eli and Rory. She doesn't believe that Eli is their father. Mac and Rebel argue, until Eli shows up and she gets in his car.

The sheriff is trying to flirt with Frankie when Shelby shows up. She doesn't want to help with the cleanup of Jolene's house.

Frankie remains upset about the fact that everyone is cleaning up Jolene's home. Anna and Bonnie overhear and become concerned as well. But the sheriff continues the cleanup.

The President calls the CIA agent to check on Anna. He wants to set up "the pelican."

Elm's wife shows up and finds Regina's bra, and she smells the perfume on it. She becomes upset.

She asks Frankie if she knows whose bra that is -- she knows that it's not Frankie's. She starts getting upset, and Frankie lies and tells her that she doesn't know where the bra came from.

Separately, Octavia and Nelson talk about Regina -- and he says she sleeps like a pregnant woman. He says that Regina is acting very funny, and he thinks that it's because she missed him too much.

Shelby goes to see Regina, and Regina gets upset, because Octavia isn't supposed to know that Regina and Shelby know each other.

Shelby puts on the perfume. Regina tells Shelby that they can't do the same things they used to do since Nelson is back.

Inside Elm's house, Tina (Elm's wife) wants to see his phone. He refuses to give it to her, so she confronts him with the bra.

He eventually gives her the phone, and there's nothing on it. She then goes outside and talks to Bonnie.

Nelson walks in on Regina, and asks about Shelby. Regina pretends that she doesn't know her. Back outside, Shelby starts going insane over a sweater.

In it, she finds a coin. She goes and confronts Jolene, but it's unclear why. She and Jolene get into a fight.

At Brody's house, his dad tells him that J.B. comes everyday, but Brody doesn't believe him. Inside, meanwhile, Dax and Victor fight.

Victor taunts Dax, saying that he used Dax and never loved him. Eventually, Dax starts punching Victor. Dax tries to choke Victor to death, but Brody walks in.

Nevertheless, during the fight, Dax opened Victor's wound and he's bleeding out rapidly.

That's all. The next episode is the season finale. In the next episode, we will find out what the coin was for, and what happens with the President.

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