Wonder Woman 2017 Could Be In Line For A Huge Worldwide Box Office Weekend

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Thanks to the glowing reviews that Wonder Woman has been receiving, the movie could be on track to get a huge Box Office worldwide opening.

This will be a big plus when it comes to female led superhero action movies being released in the future.

Anyway according to Deadline, the worldwide Box Office opening for the movie could be well over $175 million plus. This includes around $75 million coming from North America and over $100 million coming from other countries from around the world.

The buzz for the film and word of mouth could push these numbers even higher. As of right now, the Rotten Tomatoes rating is still a very healthy 97 percent.

It is still the highest rated superhero movie of all time. Yes, this even includes The Dark Knight, The Avengers and Iron Man.

Not to mention Wonder Woman won't have trouble from the competition.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is unlikely going to have a strong second weekend showing and the likes fo Baywatch and Alien: Covenant have fallen off the radar.

It might have competition in its second week with Tom Cruise's The Mummy, although that movie isn't getting as much buzz.

Hopefully the Box Office for the film does well so Hollywood does not have the notion that female-led superhero movies don't sell tickets.

If Wonder Woman does well, this could be seen as a good thing for Marvel's Captain Marvel movie coming out in the near future. Captain Marvel will be Marvel's first movie starring a female in the lead role.

We will be posting our own review for the movie later this week so stay tuned. Hopefully Warner Bros. is able to keep the momentum up with the Justice League movie coming out later this November.

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