'90 Day Fiance' Season 5 Episode 3 Recap: What Happens After Anfisa Gets her Green Card

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Tonight was episode 3 of 90 Day Fiance season 5 and we found out the ending to the insane fight that Jorge and Anfisa had on the last episode. Can't wait to find out what happened? Read on~

90 Day Fiance: Anfisa and Jorge

Jorge decides that given Anfisa's behavior, he should cancel the appointment with his lawyer and heads back to his apartment. When he gets there, he finds out that Anfisa packed up all of his stuff and won't let him back in.

So Jorge takes his stuff and heads to a hotel for the night. Jorge remarks on how it's tough not to be able to have a wife he can count on.

The next day, Jorge decides he needs to make an effort with Anfisa since he knows she's alone in this country and decides to get her roses.

When he brings Anfisa the roses, she looks mollified. Still, she asks Jorge where he's been. Anfisa feels that Jorge put in minimal effort into contacting her.

She says that she was mad because he told he'd be back in 5 minutes but when he'd been gone for 30 minutes, she got suspicious and felt duped.

Anfisa felt duped and just wanted to be alone. Still, Anfisa recognizes that she may have overreacted and she kisses and makes up with Jorge.

Next, Jorge and Anfisa head off to her green card interview and can't stop fighting on the way there. Jorge remarks on the irony of this.

After the interview, Anfisa obtains her green card. She wants to get her driver's license but Jorge's not sure if he trusts her with the keys to his car.

90 Day Fiance: Loren and Alexei

Loren notes that things have been stressful for her and Alexei because of their dispute about her bachlorette party. Loren wants to start over and so she and Alexei head out for a date night.

Loren asks Alexei when they'll be back in Israel since she feels he's a different person there, more relaxed and happy.

Alexei's mom will be visiting them soon which Alexei is looking forward to since he enjoys a home cooked meal and having his laundry done for him.

Loren talks about how she's going to meet with the Tourette Association of America to try to make a difference with her disease.

Next, Loren heads to the Tourette Association to talk to the organization about becoming a brand ambassador.

She discusses her personal story and how it was tough for her to grow up with the disease, after being diagnosed when she was 7.

Still, it comes as a shock to her when Loren finds out from the association that Tourette can be inherited.

Loren decides to tell Alexei about what she found out about her Tourette and he's shocked. Meanwhile, as they prepare for Alexei's mother to come visit them, the realization about her disease causes a lot of tension.

Alexei feels that if they have a son with Tourette he would feel guilty and blame Loren.

This comes as a tough realization for Loren. At the same time, Loren and Alexei talk about how the news comes as a surprise to them and they must adjust.

90 Day Fiance: Danielle and Mohamed

Danielle has a wonderful day given that she and her family are moving into their new trailer home.

Danielle's daughters are sick of hearing Mohamed's name.

Danielle says she feels pressure from her family to get Mohamed deported and on some level hopes that this happens but at the same time, feels that he was her first love and would feel sad if he met this fate.

Meanwhile, Mohamed is back in Florid and wants to meet new women. He talks about his driving gig helps him to meet a lot of people. He met a woman name Diamond and they spend some time together playing fribee, Mohamed decides to tell Diamond the truth about his relationship to Danielle and his impending divorce.

Diamond asks if Mohamed might have trouble trusting other women. Mohamed says it's more about meeting the right person in the future for him. He feels pleased with his how his conversation with Diamond went.

Back in Ohio, Danielle feels that she and Mohamed left things on good terms since he apologized to her. However, Danielle soon sees photos of Mohamed with Diamond, who it turns out is a Hooter's waitress. Danielle talks about how she feels disrespected when she photos of Mohamed with other women, especially while they happen to still be married. Danielle is honest about the fact that Mohamed keeps seeking women who are thinner and more attractive than her, which makes her feel terrible.

So she calls Mohamed and begins to fight with him. Mohamed tells Danielle that she lost her family because she took money from them, which just riles Danielle up more.

Danielle's friend rips the phone from Danielle's hands and tells Mohamed that they will be sending him home.

Danielle's friend remarks that Danielle wants a friendship with Mohamed to validate the idea that he might have loved her at one time when in fact, there was never anything there.

90 Day Fiance: Paola and Russ

Paola is excited to show Russ Miami and hopes that he'll enjoy it. Russ feels overprotective of Paola when he sees so many men giving Paola the side-eye. Russ talks to Paola about how she needs to work hard to pay all of their bills.

They have a mortgage and rent to pay. Still, Paola doesn't want to return to Oklahoma.

At the end of the day, Paola feels a sense of belonging in Miami and wants to remain there. However, Russ can see that there's a huge burden on him to make ends meet.

One night, Russ heads out with Paola to meet all of her friends.

The issue of Russ's animosity toward Juan comes up but Paola decides not to bring it up with Russ herself since she realizes it could make him tense.

Russ sees that Paola is in her element but feels that a new place has to make both people in the relationship happy.

Finally, Paola comes clean about Juan being in Miami and wants Russ to meet him. Russ isn't pleased since he wants to avoid drama. They head out to drinks with Juan, but Juan has to remark that Russ is fat. This incites Russ to ask Juan to clarify why he hates him.

Juan says that Paola changed herself for Russ in a bad way, becoming boring. Juan also says that what helped the relationship along was Paola's need for a visa.

Paola grows indignant about this telling Juan that's not true. Russ stalks out in anger but somehow, rather than being angry with Juana, Paola misdirects her anger at Russ.

90 Day Fiance: Chantel and Pedro

Chantel and Pedro start off by attending a gathering at her parents' house to help her famiily pack. Chantel notes that everyone has to get along.

Chantel's parents are pleased to see Pedro. Pedro talks about how a wedding in Dominican Republic would bring their families together. In a tense moment, River agrees to attend the wedding.

Chnatel and Pedro head out on date night to sushi and Chantel is pleased that Pedro is wiling to try sushi for her.

However, a tough topic comes up when Chantel brings up the issue of having a bachelorette party. Pedro doesn't want her to have a party since he doesn't trust Chantel's friends. Still, Chantel feels that Pedro should trust her.

Next, Chantel heads off to her bachelorette party, which causes Pedro to feel worried while Chantel is out for the night. Chantel then answers a phone call from a hysterical Pedro who cautions her not to drink too much.

Of course, Chantel does go out to the clubs and drinks a lot but does seem to be able to restrict her antics to hanging out with just her friends.

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