Persona 5: The Animation Episode 3 Review: 'A Beautiful Rose Has Thorns'

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Persona 5: The Animation continues this week and it might be the darkest episode that has aired so far. The subject matter in this episode is deep, but it's necessary to show how evil Mr Kamoshida really is. 

If you have not been watching, Mr Kamoshida is the evil Gym teacher of Shujin Academy who literally abuses his students.

Sadly, the kids aren't able to confess his crimes or else they get expelled or get beaten up some more.

To make Kamoshida even more of a scumbag, he forces a student from the school named Ann Takamaki to "go out" with him.

By going out with him, Ann's friend named Shiho is able to be a starting member of the volleyball team.

Well Ann Takamaki chooses not to go out with Kamoshida one night, and Shiho pays the price. After practice one evening, Shiho is summoned to Kamoshida's office to get lashed with his whip. 

I hate abuse of any kind, and I remember this subject matter being sensitive to me when I played the game. Well the episode gets even darker when Shiho tries to commit suicide the morning after the abuse. 

Thankfully, Shiho survives the fall but she's now in a coma. Ann Takamaki blames herself for not being with Shiho, but main character Ren and his friend Ryuji know a unique way to stop Kamoshida and his crimes. 

By going inside Kamoshida's conscience, they can make him confess and admit that he abuses the students from the school. This is easier said than done though because his mind has a lot of obstacles. 

In comparison to the game, I feel the game explained more background detail for the characters as I felt this episode was kind of rushed.

When Ann entered the metaverse for the first time, she managed to already know how to fight and use her persona!

It was also more shocking to watch the events unfold the first time when I played the game last year. Watching the suicide attempt wasn't as impactful as it was when I did not know what was going to happen. 

I also like how the battles are in the game too. It's more immersive playing through the story in the game than it is just watching everything in a TV episode. 

That said, the series is still watchable if you have never played the video game before. There are more villains that's to come as Kamoshida is not the only bad guy out there that the heroes have to stop. 

Despite knowing what happens, I thought episode 3 was the best one of the series so far.

The subject matter might be sensitive to some viewers, but it makes you want to root for the heroes due to the extreme problems they have to face.

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