DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 17 Review: Guest Starring John Noble

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow is coming up on its third season finale, with the season getting an 18 episode order in comparison to the other Arrowverse shows on The CW. The story of the totems and Mallus moved forward even more last week and that leads into the penultimate episode of the season titled "Guest Starring John Noble."

The episodes starts off in very interesting fashion, as the Legends get a message from Rip telling them that they have to go protect Barry. This leads to a funny joke from Wally about Barry always needing help, but Rip reveals it's not that Barry.

Instead, the Legends head back to the 1980s to find Gorilla Grodd trying to kill a college age Barack Obama. This was shown in the teaser, but it honestly is a small part of the episode rather than the focus.

The team manages to fight off Grodd, with Mick leaving burns on Grodd's chest, with Ray able to use his shrink ray on Grodd to capture him.

The goal of this act was to have one more giant abberation that would free Mallus from his prison, with his pretty much taking over Nora Darhk at this point.

Damien says he will go make sure Grodd gets it done, but at this point he reveals to the Legends that he wants to ally with them to save his daughter.

This naturally has the entire Legends team feeling skeptical, especially Sara based on her history with Darhk having killed his sister Laurel.

They bring him on the Waverider, albeit behind a magic field that he has to help them create himself.

This also leads to one of the most hilarious and meta moments in Legends history, where they try to come up wtih a plan. Ray suggests he go in Nora's ear and pretend to be Mallus as he gives orders. Just about this time, Mick happens to be watching Lord of the Rings, where they notice a certain actor, John Noble, in the movie sounds just like Mallus.

This is because Noble actually voices Mallus in real life.

This leads Ray to go back to 1999 when they were filming Lord of the Rings and giving him a script to read that he claims was being added to the movie.

They then use Ray's initial plan with this voice that sounds just like Mallus to get Nora to think they should go attack on the Waverider, where the Legends are ready to trap her with Damien's help.

While all of this is going on, Nate and Wally go to Zambesi in 1992 to track Amaya that took the jumpship to change her family's fate. They find out that the reason her village falls is that her daughter does not take her totem in a ceremony, leaving the village defenseless.

Nate decides to help Amaya change time, with him also finding out that the older Amaya doesn't remember him at all, with her seemingly wiping her memory at some point.

This isn't a big enough change yet though, so the Legends end up back together on the Waverider.

It ends up that the Legends on the ship, after capturing Nora, decide that they want to let Mallus out now so that they can defeat him with the six totems in hand. They hand the unused totems out, with Nate getting the Earth and Ray getting the Water, along with Damien getting the Death Totem.

They go back to Zambesi to await the village not being destroyed causing Mallus to break out.

However, Grodd ends up attacking the village as Damien secretly let him out, as he learned that letting Mallus out would kill her and that the real Nora is still inside of her.

This betrayal leads to a fight scene where most of the Legends fight Damien, while Nate ends up stopping Grodd.

Stopping Grodd in turn saves the village, causing Mallus to break out from Nora due to the time aberration.

The episode ends with the true demon looking form of Mallus coming out of Nora and the Legends being able to do nothing but watch.

Another plotline involves Ava confronting Rip after she found out she was really a clone.

Things get worse, as she finds out that she is really the 12th Ava at this point. Sara tells her near the end that it doesn't matter and that she loves her, but Ava gives a cold response and leaves.

"Guest Starring John Noble" was a fantastic lead-in to the upcoming finale for Legends of Tomorrow's third season.

Not only are we getting the big showdown, but a return to the Old West and of Jonah Hex, so we can't wait to see what they have in store.

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