Ireland's Ronan Scolard and Glenn Murphy Perform Their Adele Medley on the Ellen Show

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Between Adele and Ellen DeGeneres these two celebrities are making all sorts of dreams happen. Recently a video of Irish singers Ronan Scolard and Glenn Murphy performing an incredible medley of Adele's songs went viral.

Today, the guys visited the Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about the viral success and perform their medley for the audience and viewers.

If you have seen the original version of the YouTube video you might want to check it out. Scolard and Murphy perfectly captured the emotion in the Adele songs and the singer took notice. Adele surprised the guys at one of her shows and invited them on stage to perform their medley live in front of a huge sold out crowd.

They rose to the challenge as the crowd cheered loudly for them. DeGeneres rehashed the pretty rapid success that Scolard and Murphy had with the first video and all of the views they had.

Original Video of Ronan Scolard and Gleen Murphy

She asked Scolard and Murphy if they had any clue that Adele would invite them on stage to perform and they said that you wouldn't allow yourself to think that. They told DeGeneres that once they made it to their seats, which were pretty far back, they did not expect to be called up on stage.

The guys were actually seated in a balcony section of the venue and DeGeneres was surprised at how far they had to move to get to the actual stage.

The guys told DeGeneres that Adele was talking between all of the songs and at one point she mentioned that she had seen something online. They got their hopes up but when Adele continued on about online shopping instead, they kind of just the false alarm feeling.

Then it happened, Adele mentioned the video and said that the guys would be joining her on stage to perform.

Murphy told DeGeneres that he had never cursed that much in his life because of all the stairs but Scolard was pretty cool about it.

Adele Invites Scolard and Murphy to Perform at her show

Scolard says he was trying to be calm for the both of them but then he noticed, Bono, The Edge, Colin Farrell and Hozier sitting in the rows in front of them. It was at that moment that Scolard realized there was cause to be nervous.

The guys said that Adele was amazing for doing what she did for them.

DeGeneres gifted the guys special pairs of Ellen underwear and just about everything from the Ellen shop. You can watch the interview and performance from Scolard and Murphy below.

Watch Ronan Scolard and Glenn Murphy Perform Their Adele Medley on The Ellen Show

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