WWE: Roman Reigns No Longer Wrestling Goldberg At WrestleMania 36

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WWE WrestleMania 36 was originally going to have a main event with Goldberg defending his Universal Title against Roman Reigns. Well now that match is not going to happen because the latter pulled out at the last minute.

Ryan Satin from ProWrestlingSheet made this report and it looks like Roman Reigns didn't want to wrestle with the current Coronavirus pandemic going on. You can read Satin's report below.

"Sources with knowledge of the situation tell us Reigns expressed to WWE that he didn’t feel comfortable doing anymore of the Performance Center shows during the coronavirus pandemic because he’s immunocompromised from his battle with leukemia and didn’t want to risk his health. We’re told WWE honored his request and he will now be replaced by someone else in the match against Goldberg, though it’s unclear who at this time. "

Fans have already requested Bray Wyatt should beat John Cena and go on to face Goldberg at WrestleMania 36. After all, people want to see a rematch since Wyatt lost so easily to Goldberg in Saudi Arabia.

Another name people want to see is Braun Strowman since the big man is not scheduled for WrestleMania 36 yet.

That being said, some don't want to see him in a big match after some controversial remarks he made on Instagram recently.

We should know more details soon. Hopefully someone worthy is chosen as Roman Reigns' replacement.

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