'Meet the Putmans' Episode 1 Recap: Who Are They?

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"Meet the Putmans," the new show on TLC, is premiering tonight and combines elements from many of the networks hits shows. For instance, there's a Duggar flair, in that there's a lot of people living under one roof. But there's also an "Outdaughtered" bent, given the number of children featured on the show.

In reality, the Putmans are a couple whose four children moved back home along with their children.

As a result, 10 adults and 15 children all came together to live under one roof.

Read on to learn the dirt about how this family came together to live with one another and what the drama and conflict is all about in this household.

Meet the Putmans: Bill and Barb

These are the patriarch and matriarch of this gigantic family.

Bill and Barb feel that having their entire family living with them is a wonderful thing.

Given that their family owns a construction business, their plan is to build a 34,000 square foot home, which will make it the second largest home in Michigan.

Meet the Putmans: Billy and Jennifer

Billy is the oldest of 4 Putman children. Jennifer was willing to move in with Billy's family because she and Billy got pregnant right away after marrying.

When they found out that they were having twins, Jennifer felt motivated to move in with their in-laws. Now, many years later, however, this couple is willing to admits they've had sex in some strange places.

Meet the Putmans: Brandon and Kacie

Brandon is the second oldest son and likes to give Blake a hard time.

Meet the Putmans: Blake and Megan

Blake is a physician and likes to remind everyone of this fact. It seems that this gets him a lot of criticism in the household.

Meet the Putmans: Blair and Jamie

Interestingly, Jamie was willing to change his last name to Putman. Jamie is doing his second year of residency and has to drive long distances to the hospital.

Jamie wants to move out given that he's having a tough time with the commute. By the end of the first episode, Jaime and Blair sit down with her father to let him know about their decision to move out.

An interesting question is whether filming of the show could breakup this family and cause the Putmans to disperse. Looks like it's already starting to happen!

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