Dragon Ball Super Episode 96 Review/Recap: Introducing The 'Tournament Of Power' Fighters

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After several months of build-up, the Tournament of Power is nearly upon us.

In this new episode of Dragon Ball Super, we get an introduction to all of the fighters and universes that are going to compete in the tournament. The fate of all of their universes hang in the balance.

The episode starts with the Gods of Destruction criticizing the strength of the ring that the Grand Priest has created. They don't feel it is strong enough to survive all of the 80 fighters. The Grand Priest assures them that the ring is sturdy.

The three Gods of Destruction have an exhibition match and they were right. Parts of the ring start to crumble. The Grand Priest says it's up to them to fix the parts that are broken...

Back at Universe 7, everyone is disgusted by Frieza being the new member of the team. We see Yamcha is actually at Bulma's house, although Goku and the others never asked him to be a part of the tournament.

After all, they need strong fighters. Beerus warns if Frieza doesn't get along with anyone, he will deal with him.

Teamwork also seems to be something that Universe 7 cannot agree on. Both Goku and Vegeta are proud Saiyans and usually like to fight on their own. The Supreme Kai and Gohan feel that teamwork is the best way to win.

Vegeta has to put his differences aside and needs to work alongside Frieza for a change.

The team then gets transported to the ring area where the Tournament of Power takes place. Bulma and Yamcha stay back on Earth hoping that the team can win.

When they arrive, No. 18 looks outside the ring to see the World of Void. If they fall in, there's no way they can fly back to safety.

Flying is prohibited unless you are a fighter that naturally has wings. Whis also mentions the gravity should feel fine for every fighter in order to keep everything fair.

After looking around, Universe 7 sees Universe 6 arrive. Some familiar faces are here.

Something to look out for in the future is a potential alliance between Frieza and Frost. The two meet each other in this episode and they bond pretty quickly.

It feels as if both fighters have their own agendas. It will be interesting to see what evil things they decide to do during the tournament.

My favorite part of this episode is when Cabba comes to greet Vegeta. He calls him his "master", but Vegeta hates him for calling him that. Goku gets excited a bit when he sees female Saiyans for the first time.

He wants to shake Caulifa's hand, but she slaps his hand away. Kale is also there, but she is too shy to greet anyone.

Krillin asks if Master Roshi can restrain himself from being horny around women. Master Roshi assures he's fine...

Goku and Vegeta get a little scared once they notice Universe 11 arrive. They have never felt energy this powerful before.

It's interesting to note that Caulifa is not as intimidated though.

Could she and Kale be the dark horses of the tournament? Anyway, Goku tries to greet Toppo again, but Toppo brushes him off. Goku then tries to be friendly with Jiren, but Jiren tells him to "get lost".

We then see how speedy Jiren is as he can move at a really rapid speed without Goku noticing it. It feels as if the show writers are really highlighting Jiren as the most powerful fighter in the tournament.

The main fight could be Goku vs. Jiren even though this is a Battle Royal.

The rest of the episode ends with them showing us all of the Universes that are participating in the Tournament of Power. Universe 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10 and 11 are all here and every fighter is present.

Goku and the others are interested at Universe 2 because they see a Yardrat there. Yardrat is the race of people that taught Goku the Instant Transmission technique.

In terms of my own observations, it appears as if the tournament will focus heavily on Universe 7, Universe 6 and Universe 11. Those are the ones that may have the strongest fighters.

Universe 10 might have the weakest team judging by their roster's introduction. Anyway, it was cool to see all of the new characters that have been created specifically for this tournament. There are only 48 minutes left to go until they fight.

Overall, episode 96 of Dragon Ball Super was cool to see all of the fighters and universes taking part in it. It's too bad we have to wait until next week to see the actual fighting take place.

Hopefully it's a cool event since the saga started all the way back in February. It better be worth the long wait!

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