The New Mutants Originally Featured Post-Credits Scene With Jon Hamm As Mister Sinister

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The number of X-Men movies is now up to nine, 10 if you are going to count Deadpool, with multiple more on the way.

Across those films, we've seen many different villains like Magneto and more recently Apocalypse, but one that has not actually shown up is Mister Sinister.

It sounds like he was finally about to be in the upcoming The New Mutants, with him even being cast, but it ended up being cut.

Mister Sinister is one of the most popular X-Men villains, with him being tied to many characters in the mythos.

However, he has yet to pop up in the movies outside of the teaser at the end of X-Men: Apocalypse about the Essex Corporation.

He's previously been rumored to show up in numerous movies like the solo Wolverine films and more, but we may have finally gotten the closest this time.

In a new report from The Tracking Board, we learned some interesting details about the troubling behind the scenes issues with The New Mutants, which was recently delayed yet again, putting it now 16 months after its original release date of April 2018.

From this report, it says that the director and writers wanted to go more straight horror, but Fox was resistant.

However, the trailer for the movie was done in this fashion, even though the movie itself wasn't all that horror based.

As a result, it sounds like Fox wanted to go back and change the movie up to make it more horror after the success of the R Rated It as well last year.

Also in this report though comes news that the original post-credits scene for The New Mutants would feature Mister Sinister in live action for the first time, who would be played by Jon Hamm.

With all the changes on the movie though, this has been totally scrapped now with a different villain going to be involved in a post-credits scene instead, with it rumored to be played by Antonio Banderas.

The report also says that Warlock was originally going to be in the movie, but they decided to cut him for budget reasons.

The New Mutants is now set to be released on August 2, 2019.


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