Reasons Why The Fox's 'The Gifted' Succeeded And Marvel's 'Inhumans' Failed

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You would think that Marvel would have been experts at making a TV show about main characters that have lots of super powers.

Well Marvel failed because its 'Inhumans' TV show was met with a lot of negative reception from both fans and critics.

On the other hand, Fox beat them to the punch as 'The Gifted' is a much better show with better ratings and better critical acclaim.

This is also evident with the fact that 'The Gifted' will be brought back for a second season, while the status of Inhumans still remains in limbo.

I watched all episodes of Inhumans and every episode of The Gifted so far.

It's pretty much night and day when comparing the two shows in terms of entertainment value. Without further ado, here are the reasons why Fox's show is superior to Marvel's effort.

Characters actually use their powers in The Gifted: When you watch a superhero movie/TV show, you expect to see lots of action with the characters actually using their powers.

The Gifted does this perfectly as every character is important and contributes to the team.

Well in Inhumans, several of the episodes the main characters don't even get the chance to use their powers whatsoever.

Black Bolt is essentially useless because he's not allowed to use his powers or else he will kill everyone he sees.

Medusa's powers were stripped away very early when the villain Maximus ordered her hair to be cut off.

By the end of the first season, she never had the chance to grow back her hair therefore she was just a normal human being.

The other characters still had their powers, but there was not much action involved.

The show felt like I was watching Prison Break or something similar because most of the characters were running away from danger as opposed to actually using their powers to fight back most of the time.

The Gifted has far better villains: Since The Gifted is set in the X-Men universe, this means that several humans and government officials hate mutants living with normal society.

It's this social commentary of racism that makes the show very compelling.

The main characters on the show just want to live a happy life, but they cannot do that with the Government trying to arrest them all of the time.

However, they cannot fight back all of the time because they don't want to needlessly kill people either.

There's more than one antagonist in The Gifted and all of them are threatening. They never give up hunting down the main characters and each episode is exciting because of that.

In Inhumans however, the only main villain of the show is Black Bolt's brother named Maximus. Maximus is pretty useless because he's a normal human being that does absolutely nothing and doesn't feel like a big threat at all.

Maximus is also pretty lazy throughout the entire show hiding out in Attlian so he gets his henchmen/henchwomen to do the dirty work for him.

Maximus was not threatening at all and I always laughed when he was on screen.

The story and action is better in The Gifted: Due to the main characters being fugitives, things are more intense and suspenseful in The Gifted.

The team usually has to find new ways to fight back against the Government and the forces that are hunting them down.

Not to mention there's usually several great action set pieces that occur in the episodes too. I admit there were one or two episodes that didn't have much action, but the story and drama made me care about the characters.

Inhumans is the exact opposite of this.

There was hardly any decent action sequences throughout the entire season and the storytelling was atrocious. The characters were separated for most of the season so they didn't really achieve much until the end of the season.

Production Values: Lastly, The Gifted has far better production values mainly because Fox bothered to actually pour money into the project. The acting is decent, the special effects look great and it has a movie-like quality to it.

Inhumans has poor production values that make the show look like a fan film. The costumes are terrible, the acting is inferior and the lack of action sequences makes every episode very boring.

The only decent thing about Inhumans' production values is when they film on location in Hawaii. Aside from the Hawaiian setting, there's not much else to get excited about.

Bottom Line: If you have not seen The Gifted yet, it's worth a try because it's how a superhero TV show should be made.

Marvel's Inhumans is only worth watching if you want to have something to laugh at like the film 'The Room'. You'll hate Inhumans though if you want to see something more serious and competent.

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