'Little People, Big World' Season 11 Episode 4 Recap: Amy Takes on Glamping

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Tonight was episode 4 of Little People, Big World, which kicked off with Amy having an introspective discussion on what she's always wanted to do in her career.

She notes that she does have a background in hotel management but was never able to get a job in this field, perhaps because of discrimination.

But now that she's been getting out of her comfort zone, throwing parties and meeting people, she feels ready to make the next step in her career.

Next, Zach visits with his dad to see how he's been recovering from his surgery. Matt reflects on all of the surgeries he had when he was a kid and how painful it was for him.

Matt decides that he wants to write a kid's book to try to inspire other little people. Zach thinks it's a great idea.

Meanwhile, Amy discusses her own idea to launch a trial run of a bed and breakfast of "glamping," which refers to a glamorous but still rustic approach to camping. Amy pitches her idea to Audrey who loves the idea concept but when Amy talks to Matt about it, he's skeptical.

Amy believes that Matt's response is a function of the fact that it's not his idea. She believes he likes to have control.

Jeremy, Audrey and Zach get together with Amy to help her get set up for her bed and breakfast debut night.

Jeremy picks out a spot for the tents to be set up that doesn't violate what he calls the family's sacred spot where they go every year to relax once pumpkin season.

Audrey accompanies Amy on a trek to find items around the farm that they can use to decorate the tents. Audrey realizes that the B & B business is Amy's way of asserting her newfound independence.

Amy and Matt get together to discuss Amy's ongoing project. Matt continues to be discouraging which Amy handles with ease.

Meanwhile, Matt gets together with Tori to discuss his new idea to write a children's book.

Tori is really encouraging. Matt notes that the main character of his book is a very small dog named Lucy who is able to move past his weakness by persevering.

Back on the farm, Jeremy and Audrey showcase the tents that they designed to Amy. Amy then forges ahead on cooking dinner but quickly finds that she gets behind schedule on preparing all of the food.

It feels like everything is falling apart at the last minute.

Amy doesn't even know if she has matches to set up the fire for the pit. It's soon clear that Amy won't be able to serve her guests dinner at sunset either.

The guests soon arrive and Amy greets everyone to welcome them to the B&B experience at the farm. She manages to serve everyone dinner, much to their delight.

The next morning, Amy serves breakfast to everyone and gets feedback from her guests.

Matt himself demos his project with Tori's class of kindergarten students who enjoy listening to his story book.

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