'Married By Mom And Dad' TLC Season 2 Episode 9: Ex-Files

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Tonight was the 9th episode of season 2 of TLC's Married By Mom And Dad.

Billy and Bethany

This episode opens with the Laytons. Bethany and Billy are in bed and discussing their relationship.

Bethany out of the blue says she's not on birth control. Then they turn to talking about kids. Bethany says she doesn't want kids because she's a teacher and she doesn't want to see more.

In the next scene, Bethany is planning a big dinner for the parents, and Billy says that his parents aren't coming because they aren't comfortable with the marriage yet.

Bethany gets upset about that, and when Bethany's parents arrive, they're upset too.

A few days later, Billy finds a text message on Bethany's phone from a guy -- with a shirtless picture.

The two get into a fight about it. During the fight, Billy escalates and says "don't you dare cut me off." He then leaves and slams the door.

Tahnee and Matt

We meet Tahnee on her wedding day. She's getting ready for her wedding. Meanwhile, Matt is hanging out with his friends and is freaking out about his wedding.

The parents are all nervous and confused. Tahnee walks down the aisle, and Matt holds her hand and calms her down. After the vows, the couple kiss. The two seem happy together.

At the reception, the couple dances and talks throughout the evening.

Devin and Ursula

Devin and Ursula start the episode meeting at the airport.

Devin asks Ursula trusts him, but she says she's uncomfortable with him seeing his exes. They discuss Devin's meeting with his "mistress," and Ursula says that there have been a lot of red flags with Devin.

When Devin arrives at home, he has flowers and presents for Ursula.

Ursula had a list of things she was looking for in a partner, and Devin began working on the list. He went through everything and plans to work on several of the items.

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