High Pitch Erik Talks About Being Arrested With Howard Stern

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The Stern Show Wack Packer High Pitch Erik was arrest on Friday, January 22 after allegedly threatening Elephant Boy.

He was released on bail and High Pitch Erik, Stern Show staff and other members of the Wack Pack gave as much information on what led to the arrest on the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show.

Stern told his listeners that Erik made bail and that Bobo might be able to tell them what happened.

"Howard picked up on Bobo who said that those guys got into it again. He said he told Eric that he can't be getting into that stuff with people," according to MarksFriggin.

"He said the bottom line is that Elephant Boy got Eric for aggravated harassment. He said he thinks that Eric was miles from Fred and Fred was in no danger. He said that Eric is only guilty of his words."

Bobo also told the Stern Show that Fred the Elephant Boy turned High Pitch Erik in and of course, TMZ got a hold of the rest of the details.

According to the TMZ report, Erik tweeted Elephant Boy telling him, "You're a dead mother f**ker I'll break your face and strangle you." Bobo's account, which also came from a conversation with Erik, gave details of Erik being handcuffed, fingerprinted and taken back to his home.

Jon Leiberman, Stern Show reporter, confirmed that Erik was charge with harassment. Erik is also scheduled to appear in court on March 1 and could be facing jail time or a hefty fine.

Leiberman doesn't believe that Erik will actually face any jail time but he will most likely be asked to stay away from Elephant Boy online and in person.

It wasn't just other Wack packers and the Staff who told the story, Erik called in to give the full reasoning behind the ordeal.

"Erik said when he was up at the Christmas Spectacular Elephant Boy asked to be friends. He said yes and shook his hand," according to MF.

"Erik said after that day Fred turned his back on him. He said a few weeks ago he tweeted and said he wanted to take his disability benefits away. He said that upset him so much.

Howard said Elephant Boy has no ability to do that to him. Erik said that upsets him so much though. He said he also talks about his mom on social media. He said he talks about his mom's will."

Erik doesn't seem to know why Elephant Boy has a beef with him but he didn't actually want Elephant Boy dead. What's even weirder for Erik is the fact that Elephant Boy said he was joking about it all after the story was reported on TMZ, however, he did call the police. Stern told Erik that he shouldn't be threatening anyone but Stern also wanted to get Elephant Boy's side of the story.

Unfortunately when they did contact him, what he said wasn't too clear. In the end, Stern just told them both to stay away from each other. A little Stern Show drama on a Monday morning never hurt anyone right?