Persona 5: The Animation Episode 8 Recap/Review: 'Put an end to this and use your own artwork for once'

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Persona 5: The Animation continues this week as the team tries to make Madarame confess the fact that he plagiarizes the work of his own students.

In this week's episode as well, the team also finds out a dark secret that Madarame has been hiding for many years too.

The series is still great to watch for newcomers, although nothing has really been altered or changed if you have played the game already.

I was hoping the TV series would have added a few new bits of dialogue, but so far everything has been exactly the same.

That's not to say that Persona 5: The Animation is a bad series - it's just that it doesn't offer much for gamers.

However, one benefit of the TV series is the fact that it eliminates all of the fighting/grinding that you have to do.

The team actually steals Madarame's treasure quite quickly in this week's episode. In the video game, you had to do a lot more which made infiltrating his palace very lengthy.

After the team steals Madarame's treasure, his shadow form appears to tell them the shocking truth about Yusuke's mother. It appears Yusuke's mother drew the 'Sayuri' painting herself and Madarame took all of the credit for himself.

To make his actions even more repulsive, Madarame also reveals that he chose to let Yusuke's mother die from a seizure instead of helping her by calling an ambulance.

He wanted her to die so that he can steal her artwork for his own financial gain.

After that, Yusuke and the others get really mad and they manage to defeat Madarame once and for all.

Unlike in the video game, the battle surprisingly ends very quickly with everyone using their Personas at the same time to defeat him.

I was actually surprised by how short the battle was in the anime as it didn't even take up the entire episode.

Anyway, Yusuke chooses not to kill Madarame as he wants to let the real one confess his crimes to the public.

Nothing too important happens for the rest of the episode as the good guys celebrate their victory by exposing yet another dodgy adult.

The Phantom Thieves are starting to make a name for themselves in Japan and others in the city are noticing the work that they are doing.

The only comedic thing that happened in this episode is Yusuke's odd behavior.

He has to find a new home to live in and he requests to live with Ann Takamaki. Ann feels too uncomfortable being around him, so Morgana suggest he should live with him and Ren instead...

The Phantom Thieves celebrate by having a nice dinner and getting to know each other's pasts. Their mission is far from over as there are lots more bad adults out there that still need exposing!

Anyway, this week's episode was fun despite the main battle ending far sooner than I expected it to be.

It will be interesting to see if the main series is able to juggle all of the different storylines in the future because more people join the team soon!

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