Review/Recap: Marvel's Inhumans Season 1 Finale Ends On A Whimper

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Usually season finales of TV shows are exciting where there's lots of action, drama and suspense. Well the Season 1 finale of Marvel's Inhumans is sadly nothing to get excited about.

The final episode was as boring as the rest of the season. I don't think there's a good chance the show will get a second season.

Bear in mind, spoilers will be discussed in this article.

There's not that much to discuss because the characters again don't do much of anything. For a show about characters that have super powers, it surprisingly has a lack of action and excitement.

Anyway, Maximus still wants to rule Attlian which is the city where the Inhumans live.

The city is hidden inside a crater on the moon. However, Black Bolt and the royal family are back from Hawaii and they want to get rid of Maximus' terrible reign once and for all.

Since Maximus lacks any powers of his own, we sadly don't see any type of big fight between him and his brother Black Bolt.

Black Bolt also doesn't use his powers much on the show. This is because if he opens his mouth, he will shout out a huge uncontrollable shock wave killing everyone.

Karnak on the other hand tries to reason with Gorgon who was recently revived. Gorgon is not 100 percent himself and has to remember who he really is.

This issue isn't really fully resolved in this finale and it seems as if the show writers wanted to explore this in future episodes. Whether or not this will happen remains to be seen.

Sadly, the female leads of the show Medusa and Crystal don't do much at all in this finale. Medusa still lacks powers of her own since her hair has yet to grow back.

Medusa is just used as a mouth piece to translate what Black Bolt does. Crystal just hangs out with Lockjaw and doesn't participate much either.

To cut a long story short, this whole episode was mainly about Black Bolt and the royal family persuading the citizens of Attlian that Maximus is a bad leader. Maximus kind of goes crazy and wants the entire city to be destroyed.

Obviously, nobody wants to die so most of the citizens agree to get transported to lead a new life on Earth. The dome starts collapsing and there is no way to stop it from crushing the city.

Since Maximus is so useless, all he can do is look on while his city crumbles. He has a final "showdown" with Black Bolt, but all it is is one literal punch to the face.

Black Bolt then takes Maximus to a bunker where there's enough food and supplies for him to survive. Black Bolt locks Maximus in the bunker to leave him under the fallen city. Black Bolt also says "goodbye" before he leaves.

The final scene shows Black Bolt and Medusa giving a speech to the other citizens of Attlian. They pretty much just say they will all start a new life on Earth and that's how the season ended.

There were no big action sequences or anything cool featured here. It was just an average finale overall.

I watched all eight episodes of Marvel's Inhumans and I have to say it's the worst comic book TV show that I have watched recently.

Supergirl, The Flash, The Gifted and Legends of Tomorrow are far more entertaining shows. The main issue I have with Inhumans is its lackluster budget.

I would be super surprised if Marvel ever decides to do a second season.

If they do another season, hopefully there is a bigger budget so more stuff can actually happen. However, the show had poor ratings and reviews so more episodes might not even happen at this stage.

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