The Real Reason Playboy Dan Bilzerian Started Instagram

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To have a million followers on Instagram is pretty impressive but to have 11.7 million followers yet not have the general public know who you are is even more impressive, and that's why Dan Bilzerian might be Instagram's biggest winner.

He has revealed why he started it in the first place.

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There aren't too many interviews of Dan Bilzerian floating around and he's only made an appearance on one television show, Rob Dyrdek's "Ridiculousness." So when E!'s "The Comment Section" posted their sit-down with the poker player extraordinaire things got pretty interesting. Bilzerian is obviously one of Instagram's biggest bad boys and he doesn't hide it. In fact, Instagram is what Bilzerian is most popular for.

His outlandish lifestyle and love for guns, women and partying is always on display for fans. So it was no surprise to hear the real reason he got started with the social media account in the first place.

"It's crazy you know the whole, well one of the reasons I started the Instagram stuff was so I could get laid without actually having conversation, the less I talk the better I do," said Bilzerian in his interview with Michael Kosta.

@sugarcaneshane may come and go, but my chef Nicole is there for the good times and the bad #WCW

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This was revealed in his explanation of his trip to Montenegro. Bilzerian said that he was getting ready to go on the trip and he checked his DM's.

He selected a few women and then went from there saying it was "almost like PornHub." Bilzerian says he doesn't read the comments section of his Instagram because there are way too many for him to keep up with.

You can check out the entire extended cut of the interview below.

Dan Bilzerian interview with Michael Kosta

I said I wanna go to the gym... She said that position is called the sexual frog

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