Steven Spielberg's 'Ready Player One' Might Underwhelm At The Box Office

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Despite Steven Spielberg being one of the greatest directors of all time and Ready Player One is getting tons of marketing hype, sadly it looks like the film could underwhelm at the Box Office when it releases in late March. 

As noted by The Hollywood Reporter, the domestic Box Office opening for Ready Player One is not as high as it should be for a big budget blockbuster.

Warner Bros' movie is only currently tracking to get a measly $35 million opening weekend when it comes out.

Even though the film is releasing over Easter Weekend, the holidays is not doing any favors for the film's buzz. Warner Bros and Steven Spielberg were hoping the movie would have an opening more in the $50 million range. 

The film's current most popular demographic is with males, although no other data has been revealed so far.

Despite the movie having a lot of pop culture references, the film still does not have a major Hollywood star that can help promote it.

The Fast and Furious movies usually do extremely well at the Box Office mainly because they have Vin Diesel and The Rock.

Both men have millions of fans on social media sites and they share everything about their film projects constantly.

Not to mention Spielberg himself is not the big draw card he once was back in the '80s and '90s.

Only the likes of Christopher Nolan and perhaps James Cameron are the only two Hollywood directors that attract an audience on their name value alone.

If there's a positive thing about Ready Player One's release, it's that it kind of avoids competition from other blockbuster.

It's out two weeks before the release of Rampage and released a month before Avengers: Infinity War dominates the competition in late April.

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