Second Ever Trailer Released For Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk

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The second ever trailer has been released for Christopher Nolan's "Dunkirk" movie.

This is the director's latest film that focuses on Allied soldiers trying to survive during World War II. It's a slight change for the director as he previously did movies that had supernatural/fantasy based elements to them.

Anyway, this new trailer takes a look at the dangers that the Allied soldiers had to face at Dunkirk. The German soldiers are attacking them an even the Air Force have their hands-full.

The movie takes place between May 26th until June 4th 1940.

It's a different perspective to World War II as most movies usually take place when America joined the fight. This gives us a look at what happened during the earlier part of the war.

This movie will not have a linear narrative that focuses on just one character. It will switch between three different perspectives.

This includes battles that take place in the air, sea and land. It's possible by the end of the movie, all of them come together.

That being said, this movie might not have a conclusive ending since World War II didn't truly end until the year of 1945.

Still, it will be entertaining since the Allied Forces in real-life took a beating during this time period when the Germans attacked them.

In terms of the movie's cast, Nolan fans will recognize that Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy are in the movie.

Both actors appeared in Inception was well as The Dark Knight Rises. Here it looks like Hardy plays as a pilot while Murphy is a scared soldier of some sort.

Dunkirk releases in North America on July 21st, 2017. The film is written and directed by Christopher Nolan with the score being composed by Hans Zimmer. You can watch the epic second trailer below.

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