Why Does K. Michelle Put Hands In Guys' Pockets? Nick Cannon Finds Out on 'Wild'n Out' (Watch)

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Tonight on MTV's Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out, there were two special guests: K. Michelle and Flo Rida.

K. Michelle brought her 'A' game to the show, as she played 'Hood Jeopardy' for the Platinum team.

During the 'Hood Jeopardy' game, the first question was "What has been known to hurt the community?" And there was a joking mini brawl, as Jon Gabrus said 'black people'.

After that, there were a bunch of responses, including 'white people', 'white people with crying babies on a plane', and 'white people who lock their doors'.

But the fun really started when this question was asked: "these women love digging into men's pockets." The first answer was "what are Wild 'n out girls?" But then, K. Michelle responded "what are white women with athletes?" However, the clincher was when Michael Blackson asked "what are girls with weaves with a fat a---?" That was too little, too late, however, and the Platinum team ended up winning.

The next game was R & Beef.

The Gold squad got "fake shoes", and the Platinum squad got "unprotected sex." K. Michelle took the Platinum squad's song to the next level with her amazing voice and quick wit, allowing them to win.

But nothing compared to 'Wild Style', where Nick had some serious rhymes:

Everybody know you hot

Everybody know my game's strong

So we belong together

Like my ex-wife's song

K. Michelle hit him back with this:

You gotta understand

All women got a plan

You gotta watch Mariah

With that old-a-- rich man

But Nick responded:

You went there with Mariah jokes

That was kinda dumb

You're the only chick here

That gave Soulja boy some

You can watch a clip of the action below:

What did you think of this first episode of the season? Throughout the episode, Nick did mini rap battles with aspiring Wild 'n Out stars in Times Square.

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