'Long Island Medium' Recap Season 9 Espiode 1: Rosie O'Donnell and More

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Tonight was the ninth season premiere of Long Island Medium on TLC and as usual, Theresa managed to deliver some bone chilling predictions about peoples' loved ones.

This episode is filled with stars and kicks off with Mo'Nique Hicks paying Theresa a visit.

Theresa is excited to have an Oscar winner in her home. Mo'Nique discusses her belief in the afterlife and her readiness to learn more about her grandmother, who passed some time ago.

Right away, Theresa picks up on on Mo'Nique's grandmother's mannerisms and predicts that Mo'Nique received a valuable family heirloom from her grandmother. Theresa also states that Mo'Nique probably didn't have a chance to say goodbye to her grandmother.

Theresa also realizes that Mo'Nique went to Richard Pryor's funeral.

Next, Billy Gardell and his wife, Patty, have a reading with Theresa. Right away, Theresa guesses that Billy's key father figure in his life was a man named Walter.

Next, Theresa realizes what caused Patty's father's death and also confirms the complexity of their relationship. .

Ta'Rhonda also has a chance to learn about her family who have passed away. Theresa realizes that Ta'Rhonda's cousin died, which was a horrible tragedy. The importance of a watch that Ta'Rhonda carries with her also comes up.


Theresa turns to Jeannie and brings up her deceased husband.

She asks about Jeannie's wedding ring, which she had in her pocket. Theresa says that Jeannie's husband woke her up when he left his physical body -- she woke up because her husband's soul wanted to say goodbye.

Jeannie misses her husband, and Theresa gave her a huge gift by bringing him back.